Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Memories of Sand Creek Massacre hard to forget

Dear Editor,

For many years I have been honored to attend the early morning Sand Creek Memorial Services at Riverside Cemetery on the Northern edge of Denver on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This year marks the 147th anniversary of the massacre at the Sand Creek site in Southeast Colorado, a few miles from Eads, where Col. John M. Chivington ordered troops to murder women and children in the Camp of Black Kettle whose tent flew the American flag. It’s always cold at Riverside, and I think those unkempt grey and white soldier stones amplify the bitter cold.

LETTER: Personhood article leaves reporter with egg on his face

Dear Editor,

Thank you for your article in the Nov. 25 issue on the personhood amendment. We would like to ask for a few corrections. First, you claim that our amendment would “legally define a fertilized egg as a person,” which is not true. This amendment does not mention eggs, or afford any rights to eggs. It says that all human beings should be recognized as people. And scientifically, a zygote is classified as a human being. You can use the terms “zygote” or “embryo,” but if you look at the Carnegie Stages of Human Development (which is an internationally recognized standard), you will see that there is no such stage of human development titled “fertilized egg.” In fact, some of the leading experts in the field of human embryology have explained that the term is “better reserved for the breakfast table” and “inaccurate.”

LETTER: Fracking proponents need to give us some answers

Dear Editor,

There is a lot to Mother Earth but, other than stuff we rocket into outer space, humanity can’t destroy matter, only change it in form. H2O is abundant. A river of snowmelt can evaporate on lawns to create clouds, so to speak.
Fracking to obtain trapped fossil fuels can take surface water or glacier-formed underground supplies and make that natural-resource unsuitable for natural-recycling,

trapping it below the Earth crust, dirty-and-lost to the eco-chain of environmental evolution.

Chamber and its president Donohue have declared war on the middle class

Dear Editor,

I hope the front page article on US Chamber of Commerce head Thomas Donohue (Nov. 11 Statesman) was merely an example of poor editing instead of rampant bias.

Join Republican leadership, legislators in a bipartisan stand against Prop. 103

Dear Governor Hickenlooper, President Shaffer and Minority Leader Pace,

We are writing to ask you to join us in opposing Proposition 103, the ballot measure that would raise personal and corporate income taxes and the state sales tax by almost $3 billion over the next five years. We believe Colorado’s elected officials must provide a united front in standing against policies such as Proposition 103 that will harm Colorado’s economic recovery.

Herman Cain would help convince “blacks” that they can be conservatives

Dear Editor,

Let me join Dennis Miller (who was not joking) in suggesting Herman Cain for the (R) nomination for president. Obama can always appoint Hillary Clinton as his running mate, and drop Biden if things get tough, but really the history of one-term presidents offers scant hope for change conservatives can believe in.

Let’s hear it for those legislators who made the CUT

Dear Editor,

Colorado Union of Taxpayers (CUT) publishes an annual Ratings of the Colorado legislative session. Each year we select 25-30 bills related to taxes and smaller government, analyze them, and rate the legislators on how each voted, identifying Taxpayer Champions and Taxpayer Guardians. Champions and Guardians are those legislators who most often voted in favor of fiscal responsibility, smaller government, and upholding the spirit and letter of TABOR.

The freeze out on 29th Avenue involves a heated battle over liquor laws

Dear Editor,

The Prospect neighborhood behind Coors Field is transitioning from gritty industrial to 21st Century residential. Quickly occupied lofts are filling or replacing early 20th century warehouses. Services lag. In a few months Tye Lofts, a new residential rental building can have its ground floor retail space open for business.

Sara, an enterprising real estate agent, matches Stennis with Tye. Stennis wants to open a liquor store. Tye suggests a convenience store with beer and wine. Stennis says that’s not my business.