Letters to the Editor

Letter: I served in the House, now I’m back in contention

Dear Editor,

I have decided to petition on to the ballot as an independent candidate for State House District 61. My petition format is currently under review by the Secretary of State’s office, so I hope to start the petition process by the end of this week. I will need 400 signatures to access the ballot, and the petitions are due on July 2. As part of the petition process I am required to make a public announcement regarding my intent to run for the seat, so here it is!

LETTER: Hallelujah, the angels have prevailed!

Dear Frank (McNulty) and Amy (Stephens),


Thank You, Gracias, Vielen Dank, Kheli Mamnoon, Gratzi, etc. for your actions to stop SB-002.

Your determination and actions in the last few days mirror those of Leonidas at Thermopylae (...and better yet you did not perish.)

LETTER: McNulty has a higher loyalty to his Christian principles

Dear Editor,

The Denver Post editorial suggesting Speaker Frank McNulty owes some kind of loyalty to the Post and other political opponents discloses an unfortunate ignorance of the burdens of true leadership. Speaker McNulty, elected by his GOP peers in the House of Representatives, owes his loyalty to the Republican caucus first, then to his constituents. But a higher loyalty must be to his own conscience as a Christian, and for demonstrating his clear understanding of his Biblical responsibilities, we salute him!

LETTER: Ritter should repent for diverting funds to Planned Parenthood

Dear Editor,

“How can a man give better than to give to a bureaucracy (CCHD = Catholic Campaign for Human Development) two time zones removed, which then gives the money to an unmonitored organization also two time zones away, which further laterals it to a community organizer, who spends it on causes unknown?” says ex-Gov. Ritter (Denver Post, 5/1/12) whilst trumpeting his so-called catholicity.

LETTER: Proposed city ordinance isn’t way to curb homelessness

Dear Mayor Hancock and City Council Members,

As state senators and representatives for Denver, we share your concern about the prevalence of homelessness in our city. We recognize the frustrations that have led to the development of Ordinance 12-0241. Nevertheless, we urge you to delay enactment of this ordinance until a comprehensive plan to address the needs of our homeless constituents is in place.

LETTER: Made-up quote mistakenly depicts the military as both brutish and stupid

Dear Editor,

Old myths (or lies) about the Vietnam War die hard. One such is quoted by Miller Hudson in your April 6 edition.

LETTER: CU Board of Regents

Dear Editor,

The blog entry in the April 13 Gossip section regarding the CU Board of Regents was inaccurate. To clarify, while the regents can receive legal advice in executive session, neither the administration nor the regents can put forward proposals “behind closed doors in an executive session” to change or modify university policy.

LTR: As the business voice for education reform, we support the ASSET bill

Dear Chairman Massey and members of the House Education Committee,

We are writing to express our support for Senate Bill 12-015, also known as the “Colorado ASSET” bill. As the business voice for education reform, we support this bill based on its alignment with our vision that “every student has access to a high performing school and graduates with the knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary to compete in a competitive global economy.”

LTR: Treat immigrants with dignity and equality

April 12, 2012

Dear Speaker McNulty and Members of the House:

We, members of the PICO Colorado Clergy Action Network (PICO CAN), are writing to urge your support and passage of SB 15, Colorado ASSET. As a diverse, interfaith, non-partisan group of clergy and faith leaders from throughout the state, we speak from the convictions of our faith and, in many cases, from the real life concerns of the people in our congregations and communities.

Let the speculation end here — vote at Adams County Dem assembly was 100 percent accurate

Dear Editor,

In your March 23rd edition, you ran a headline alluding to “Speculation about stuffed ballot boxes” at the Adams County Democratic Party assembly. As a delegate and vote counter at the assembly, I’d like to set the record straight and clear up any “speculation” people may be engaging in.