Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Story on fracking leads to questions and more questions

Dear Editor,

In most human endeavors there is risk and reward. People who can only see reward and refuse to consider risk should not be making decisions for all of us. Their expert advice needs to be CARFULLY verified. Those opposed to fracking should not have to prove that fracking IS dangerous. They are the ones who want to mess with Mother Nature. Those who advocate it need to investigate what the risk is, and whether that risk likely to be worth the reward. Then all potentially affected people can decide whether to proceed.

LETTER: Allow domestic partners to attain common-law married status

Dear Editor,

With the new makeup of the Colorado legislature some sort of domestic partnership (or marriage) for homosexuals is inevitably going to be on the agenda. No pundits seem to be speaking of the influence of the “gay vote,” including gay sympathetic family and friends.

LETTER: Creating a viable Green Party is about more than ‘winning’ elections

Dear Editor,

In an article about the Green Party that The Statesman published on Oct. 26, Green Party State Co-Chair Art Goodtimes discouraged Green Party candidates from running for state or federal offices because they can’t win.

Art Goodtimes himself was first elected to the office of San Miguel County Commissioner as a Democrat. He ran for re-election as an incumbent after switching to the Green Party. This was in a small, rural, and heavily Democratic county.

LETTER: Florence Sebern is part of a majority of Ron Paul delegates who should be seated

Dear Mr. Luning,

I read your August 17, 2012 article posted online in The Colorado Statesman, entitled, “Complaint filed against GOP State Chairman.” I found how you wrote it, Mr. Luning, to be biased, and to be containing arrogance and conceit.

LETTER: To prevent another massacre, how about a search warrant when too many similar red flags are noted?

Dear Editor,

Imagine a WWII flamethrower in a crowded theater… guns yadda-yadda. We did not outlaw BBQ propane tanks after Columbine even though they could have killed hundreds if detonated. My daughter was enjoying lunch seated next to a propane tank in the Columbine Commons that fateful day. She escaped. Many did not.

LETTER: Where’s state GOP party platform?

Dear Editor,

This letter is for Republican State Chairman Ryan Call to answer.
WHERE is the Colorado GOP Platform?

Republicans who attended their caucus presented resolutions that reflect the opinions of the GOP grassroots base. 64 counties voted at their Assemblies to select resolutions that would be passed on to the State Assembly in April for approval.

LETTER: Neither presidential candidate deserves my money

Dear Governor Romney,

You have sent me several letters asking for money for your campaign. President Obama, I assume you have sent similar letters to Democrats.

I live in Colorado, one of the few states that can go either way in the presidential election. Because of that, each of you, and your supporters, have spent absurdly huge sums of money on television ads here, most of which tell us why we should not vote for the other guy. This would be great if I owned stock in a TV station. But I don’t.

LETTER: Taxes, hookers and Phar Lap — got your attention?

Dear Editor,

Obama and his gang of czars and agency heads remind me of the guys who bet on the great running horse Phar Lap. They weighted down and bet on Phar Lap until he broke. Allegedly, these gangsters feared Phar Lap would jeopardize their bookmakers, and possibly slipped him a large dose of arsenic that contributed to his death. Sound Saul Alinsky familiar?

Ever watch the life of Judy Garland? She was Louis B. Mayer’s great running horse! A money making machine for Mayer, he bet on, weighted down, and over demanded her until she shattered.

LETTER: Eliminating public trustees positions is a proverbial no-brainer

Dear Governor Hickenlooper,

Your laudable request that the state’s public trustees resign and reapply for the job is a good half step in the direction of fiscal responsibility and common sense, given that these are unnecessary and redundant political patronage jobs that the taxpayers no longer need to fund. On behalf of our 56,000 activists in the state, I respectfully ask that you take the next logical half step by declining to refill these positions. These responsibilities can and should be turned over to county treasurers, who already have shown themselves capable of performing these functions across most of Colorado. Your second best course of action, in our opinion, would be putting a hold on any reappointments until legislators can weigh-in on the matter next year. But we strongly urge you, in any case, not to refill slots that can’t be justified in light of our continuing fiscal circumstances.

LETTER: First responders must become even better when confronting atrocities

Dear Editor,

All it takes is a micro-switch on the door and a relay to the lighting controls to make the house lights come on in a theatre when the emergency door is opened. I think clip capacity is a reasonable request of responsible gun owners (maybe 9) because at least intended victims stand a 3-second chance to “move” when a clip has to be replaced even in high velocity assault weapons. In WWII, Germans learned to listen for an empty clip hitting the ground to attack, our men carried an empty clip to toss to make the sound and sometimes that outwitted the enemy on the battlefield.