Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Rep. Priola doesn’t speak for us at the Argonaut

Dear Editor,

While I respect Rep. Kevin Priola’s right to his opinion and standing as a state representative to put forth legislation (however misguided it may be), I do resent his characterization of the Argonaut as being in favor of any liquor law changes including additional licenses or that it “would help out folks like Argonaut.” (“Battle brewing,” Colorado Statesman, Jan. 18, 2013). We have never voiced any opinion on that and we don’t think he should try and speak for us.

LETTER: Just what we need, more illegals bellying up to the public trough

Dear Editor,

Regarding the Colorado Compact, how many illegals do our lawmakers need? What’s their take? Is it the votes they’ll get from the anti-American organizations like La Raza? Is it the cheap labor they can obtain for their big donors? Is it kickback from the corrupt countries they collaborate with as they close their eyes to the daily invasion of our country? If they’re going to have “Immigration Reform” AKA amnesty/citizenship, could they at least give us a little credit for knowing their game, and come right out and tell the truth: We are on the way to replacing legal, loyal, taxpaying, voting Americans with uneducated, poverty-stricken, criminals because they’ll keep us bellying up to the public trough for the rest of our miserable days.

LETTER: The Colorado Compact is just a lot of political doubletalk

Dear Editor,

For two issues, The Statesman has chosen the “Colorado Compact” as its cause celeb with no critical analysis of what it says. Nearly each of six points has embedded language rendering it meaningless and one of the points, “Ensuring our National Security,” in spite of being a primary principle in our Constitution, is given little more than lip service.

LETTER: Locals could fall off the cliff if feds don’t pay attention

Dear Editor,

There is little time left before the nation hits the so-called “fiscal cliff.” President Obama and the lame duck Congress have an unprecedented number of issues to address — including some which directly affect every city, town, special district, county, and school district in Colorado — and every Colorado taxpayer.

LETTER: Republicans still have a lot to learn about politics

Dear Editor,

The GOP, including their former State Chairman Dick Wadhams, cannot hear the electorate. While voters are looking for solutions and forward looking ideas, the GOP is already worrying about the next election. Two articles in your Nov. 23 paper — “Why did we lose” and “GOP already chomping at the bit to take back the state senate in 2014” by Statesman reporter Ernest Luning — prove to me neither the party or its leaders are listening to the voters.

LETTER: Where does the GOP go from here? Away from the middle of the road

Dear Editor,

If anything should be learned from the Nov. 6 election, it is that moderate candidates will not win the office of President of the United States. With the Romney loss, let the argument of needing a middle-of-the-road candidate in order to “win” be forever forgotten. Has the GOP learned nothing from flip flop, watered down candidates George Bush I, Bob Dole, McCain, and now Romney — all of whom were establishment moderates?

LETTER: Story on fracking leads to questions and more questions

Dear Editor,

In most human endeavors there is risk and reward. People who can only see reward and refuse to consider risk should not be making decisions for all of us. Their expert advice needs to be CARFULLY verified. Those opposed to fracking should not have to prove that fracking IS dangerous. They are the ones who want to mess with Mother Nature. Those who advocate it need to investigate what the risk is, and whether that risk likely to be worth the reward. Then all potentially affected people can decide whether to proceed.

LETTER: Allow domestic partners to attain common-law married status

Dear Editor,

With the new makeup of the Colorado legislature some sort of domestic partnership (or marriage) for homosexuals is inevitably going to be on the agenda. No pundits seem to be speaking of the influence of the “gay vote,” including gay sympathetic family and friends.

LETTER: Creating a viable Green Party is about more than ‘winning’ elections

Dear Editor,

In an article about the Green Party that The Statesman published on Oct. 26, Green Party State Co-Chair Art Goodtimes discouraged Green Party candidates from running for state or federal offices because they can’t win.

Art Goodtimes himself was first elected to the office of San Miguel County Commissioner as a Democrat. He ran for re-election as an incumbent after switching to the Green Party. This was in a small, rural, and heavily Democratic county.

LETTER: Florence Sebern is part of a majority of Ron Paul delegates who should be seated

Dear Mr. Luning,

I read your August 17, 2012 article posted online in The Colorado Statesman, entitled, “Complaint filed against GOP State Chairman.” I found how you wrote it, Mr. Luning, to be biased, and to be containing arrogance and conceit.