Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Fair coverage on “imperfection” of our candidates

Hi Ernest,

Great to see you at the Centennial Dinner and at the Republican State Central Committee elections on Saturday.

Just wanted to let you know that you did a great job reporting on this story regarding Ryan Call and Mark Baisley and their “imperfections.”

LETTER: Use of cannabis does not represent any threat to the driving public whatsoever

Dear Editor,

I am dismayed by the content of the article on HB13-1114 in the March 1, 2013 issue. Here follows my description of the bill and the outcome of the hearing:

LETTER: Kudos to those legislators who recognize that HB 1041 restricts press access to public records

Dear Reps. Coram, Everett, Humphrey, Joshi, Nordberg, Saine, Sonnenberg, Szabo, Scott and Wright,

Thank you for taking the time to understand that HB13-1041 is a very flawed bill with its “public-be-damned” approach to the average citizen’s (and press’) rights to access their public records. Many of your colleagues did not take the time to understand the unintended (?) consequences of the bill and just who and what is behind 1041.

LETTER: From my own personal experience, mental illness needs to be addressed when subject of guns is discussed

Dear Editor,

There is talk now in the legislature surrounding guns in light of recent tragedies. Both sides are making arguments for either proliferation or protections along their party policies and political contribution calculations. There is urgency now that children have been shot. Solutions are being offered to the problem we all share, and a fear we can’t shake. Each one of these policies will be ineffective. Our elected representatives are wasting these tragedies.

LETTER: Tancredo exemplifies the problem

Dear Editor,

I am a progressive and proud of it. I also think that the country benefits from constructive debate. So I am all for the Republicans getting back on their feet. But that won’t happen as long as the basic problems are ignored. Like that the constitution will work great regardless of the racial makeup of the country. Like that the browning of America is not the problem. Like that gay people do not threaten marriage but unemployment does. Like that high concentration of extraordinary weapons produces extraordinary crimes.

LETTER: My 20 school and theatre safety gun ideas — a work still in progress

Dear Editor,

Obama beat me to the draw... liberal media controlling Denver pays little attention to me anyway.

My list of 20 ideas in memory of 20 babies slaughtered at Sandy Hook will probably take me a week more. I am working on guns that hold cartridges which only a “chipped dog” authorized humans could fire. I have volunteered to be chipped like a dog to prove the technology. Guns we carry concealed should be as “smart” as a keyless Toyota. I want one.

LETTER: SB 11 should be referred to the voters of Colorado

Dear Editor,

Yesterday a Colorado political committee was announced to recruit volunteers, seek donations, and perhaps hire professional staff to recall any legislator who does not support the referral of SB 11, the civil union bill.

Coloradans have expressed overwhelming opposition to homosexual marriage. The civil union bill is just an attempt to do a side-run around this opposition and give the homosexual lobby all the benefits of marriage without using the term.

LETTER: Blue (Democratic) senators showing true (yellow) colors

Dear Editor,

Now that they have unchecked legislative power, why did the Democratic Party senators on the Judiciary Committee reject the conscience protection amendment to their so called civil unions bill this week when they had it in their 2012 bill?

LETTER: Rep. Priola doesn’t speak for us at the Argonaut

Dear Editor,

While I respect Rep. Kevin Priola’s right to his opinion and standing as a state representative to put forth legislation (however misguided it may be), I do resent his characterization of the Argonaut as being in favor of any liquor law changes including additional licenses or that it “would help out folks like Argonaut.” (“Battle brewing,” Colorado Statesman, Jan. 18, 2013). We have never voiced any opinion on that and we don’t think he should try and speak for us.

LETTER: Just what we need, more illegals bellying up to the public trough

Dear Editor,

Regarding the Colorado Compact, how many illegals do our lawmakers need? What’s their take? Is it the votes they’ll get from the anti-American organizations like La Raza? Is it the cheap labor they can obtain for their big donors? Is it kickback from the corrupt countries they collaborate with as they close their eyes to the daily invasion of our country? If they’re going to have “Immigration Reform” AKA amnesty/citizenship, could they at least give us a little credit for knowing their game, and come right out and tell the truth: We are on the way to replacing legal, loyal, taxpaying, voting Americans with uneducated, poverty-stricken, criminals because they’ll keep us bellying up to the public trough for the rest of our miserable days.