Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Looking ahead to continued success for progressive causes

Dear Friends,

As the Huttner Group celebrates our third anniversary this month, we want to thank you for your continued advice, support and friendship.

As greedy corporations spend tens of millions on elections and lobbyists in D.C., the need for communications and investment in progressive efforts has never been greater.

This is where the Huttner Group has its greatest impact. We provide communications and fundraising strategy for game-changing efforts across the country.

LETTER: Reapportioning our state correctly has been a longtime goal

Dear Editor,

It has been a long time that I have been reading The Statesman. I’m looking forward to seeing my birthday mentioned in one of the regular lists next month because it will be my 80th. Sort of a personal goal, eh? If nothing else, it says that I’ve gone past the political starting gate without ever getting in the race.

LETTER: Hudson is right about middle class

Dear Editor,

Miller Hudson pretty much hit the nail on the head with his column in the Nov. 22 issue about moving America ahead and the growing income disparity between the middle class and the ultra wealthy. Although there is plenty of blame to go around, certainly the fact that America’s military and its political handmaidens (mostly in the Republican Party) continues to have a Cold War mentality that burdens us with supporting hundreds of bases all around the world that have less to do with national defense and much more with feathering the pockets of the defense industry and our so called “allies.”

Dead babies are Dick Lamm’s legacy — unless he repents

Dear Editor,

Your November 1, 2013 special insert coverage of Dick Lamm’s 40th Reunion was an interesting retrospective but was sadly lacking one important detail from his legacy, which all the celebrating of his life and accomplishments can not erase.

The former Governor’s bill, which brought liberalized child killing to America in 1967, has led to the deaths of over 50 million innocent human beings who were never able to enjoy their beautiful country, see a breathtaking sunset, smell a rose or enjoy a glass of wine at a celebration.

Mike and Tom are both good guys

Dear Editor,

I like Tancredo. 

I like Mike.

Oh, brother.

Nobody should announce for office prior to establishing a campaign online contact-possibility... sign of the dastardly times?

I don’t Facebook or Twitter. I do email. I wanted to send Mike Kopp my 20 New Ideas in memory of children armed with crayons at Sandy Hook. The adults massacred had choices outlined 14 years ago from Columbine. Sad history repeats as we ignore facts.

Eagle eye investigation is called for on EAGLE-Net

Dear Editor,

Miller Hudson’s article in the Oct. 4, 2013 issue on EAGLE-Net misses a couple of most salient points:

1. EAGLE-Net’s refused to provide the Legislative Audit Committee with its Asset List (ie what they bought with the $100.6 million and where it might now be found). Where did all the money go?

Raising taxes on energy will slow down economy

Dear Editor,

With the government temporarily out of business, legislators aren’t talking much about reforming the tax code. But when they do, I hope they and the president will be more realistic about raising taxes on an industry so tied to economic growth and job creation. The industry I am referring to is the energy industry.

Dangerous pitfalls in HB 1303 will no doubt continue to impact the November state and local elections


On Thursday, Secretary of State Scott Gessler repealed the controversial email/internet voting rules that had been promulgated for the two recall elections for use by absentee voters.

Where’s your compassion for a mother who has lost her baby?

Dear Editor,

The tone of the paragraph below in Peter Marcus’ story about personhood in the Aug. 9, 2013 issue is really disturbing. Painting a mother who lost her baby and then was told the five time drunk driver wouldn’t be held accountable for Brady’s death should elicit a modicum of compassion in most human beings.

Portraying Heather as stridently “marching” into the Capitol is inaccurate and unkind and reinforces the belief that media outlets are biased and simply unwilling to write honestly about those who view life as sacred and worthy of legal protection.

For every innocent,

Ad in Statesman was misleading

Dear Republicans for Immigration Reform,

I just read your ad in The Statesman in Colorado. It describes exactly no legislation pending before Congress or anywhere else. There is not one bill that puts security first, requires businesses use e-Verify and puts illegal at the end of the line. None. The only ones proposed that come close are from Republicans.

You people appear to be nothing more than a tool of the left. I defy you to publish the bill number that supports your proposition and the sponsor list.


Dan Kopelman