Letters to the Editor

Stop property tax increases now

Dear Editor,

Colorado property tax revenue has soared 164 percent since TABOR passed. The 2008 cost was about $6.4 billion. That equals over $5,000 per average family of four in direct and indirect property taxes. Business taxes are passed on to customers in higher prices.

Mr. President, are you stupid or something?

Dear President Obama and Your Party Members,

As a two-week resident of LaSalle, Colorado, I was enlisted to drive Sen. Ben Nighthorse and Linda Campbell from an event at Island Grove to their hotel in Greeley.

I got unmercifully lost.

Late-license fines are just new taxes — trust me

Dear Editor,

Gov. Ritter and his crew of pirates deserve all the criticism they are getting over new fees, fines and (ahem) taxes on motor vehicles and trailers.

McInnis must be a 'lawyer-lobbyist'

Dear Editor,

I guess that Republican Party Chair Dick Wadhams was right when he uses the phrase “lawyer-lobbyist.” A “lawyer lobbyist” doesn’t know a Canadian mountain range from an American. He also doesn’t know the difference between Boulder and Colorado Springs, as corroborated by “lawyer lobbyist” Scott McInnis in his recent gubernatorial debut.

GOP loves nature, too

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank Rush Limbaugh for mentioning Republicans for Environmental Protection (REP) on his radio show June 30. To be recognized by a major leader of the conservative wing of the Republican Party on the air has raised our profile.

Bible verse is life giving

Dear Editor,

After reading Warren Hern’s article about George Tiller’s death in the June 19 issue, I fear that Mr. Hern fears the same thing happening to him. But he should be encouraged by the words of God Himself: “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” (Matthew 10:28)

Tri-State sets record straight on coal

Dear Editor,

The article “Turbine to send energy to four states” published July 10 in The Statesman mistakenly stated that Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association announced a purchase of energy from a new Kansas coal-based power plant. This is not accurate. Tri-State did announce in April that it would re-evaluate its long-term resource planning, including the appropriate role of energy efficiency, renewable energy, natural gas, coal and nuclear resources as part of a balanced portfolio. Participation in a potential Kansas project is one of many options under evaluation that could help meet Tri-State’s member cooperatives’ future electricity requirements.

Prayers for Sara Cassidy and family

Dear friends,

A terrible tragedy has befallen one of the Leadership Program of the Rockies family. Sara Cassidy, a graduate of the LPR class of 2004, lost her precious son Colin (2½ years old) in a horrible drowning accident this past Sunday.

Considering a run for office? Let John do it

Dear Editor,

Most professional sports teams have a “franchise player” — the quintessential model of team leadership and ability; the best talent to match up one-on-one with anyone in the league, and the best person in the long run to build a team around.

Davoren sets the record straight

Dear Editor,

Thanks much for running my review of Phil Goodstein’s new book on South Denver in the May 22 issue. It felt so good!

While reading it, I realized that there was a very fuzzy sentence in the fourth paragraph that some readers would interpret as claiming I served alongside several South Denver legislators — Joe Shoemaker, Robert Wham and Don Friedman, which just ain’t so. The fuzziness (age-related on my part? — I’ll be 83 in July) occurred because I’d been leafing through the book and noting very well-known names to mention. Unfortunately, the sentence definitely implied that I’d served with them.