Letters to the Editor

Governor: Get real! Enough with the 'surgical cuts'

Dear Gov. Ritter,

The latest quarterly forecast released this week by legislative economists — pointing to another $240 million in cuts to this year’s state budget alone — is, of course, troubling. Perhaps even more troubling, however, is your response. Frankly, you seem to be in denial. In fact, almost since the first warning signs of the current, crippling recession nearly two years ago, you and your administration have persistently attempted to soft-pedal the crisis.

Salazar brothers serve different masters

Dear Editor,

People keep asking, “Why the big difference in political views between the two Salazar brothers, John and Ken?”

Educational reform is in eye of beholder

Dear Editor,

I appreciated your September 4th issue regarding the views of the school board on the group Stand For Children.

It’s time for conservative candidates to shine

Dear Editor,

Is it finally time for the Colorado GOP to take off its sack cloth and ashes and stop apologizing for the sins of the past GOP leadership in Washington? Can it finally start moving forward with fresh faces with the right skills to earn back its conservative base? The appointment of Brian DelGrosso to Colorado House District 51 may be the first manifestation of this reality.

Pueblo DA returns funds to Treasury

To: The Honorable Cary Kennedy
Colorado State Treasurer

Dear Ms. Kennedy,

I do not subscribe to all of the policies adopted by the governor, and, presumably, the Legislature, to reduce the forecasted $320 million shortfall in FY 2009-’10. Nonetheless, I have instructed my staff to determine if state monies are being held by our office so that these funds can be returned to the state, if applicable, to assist in reducing the shortfall.

Denver Dems are excited to have our Democratic champion, Andrew Romanoff, back in the saddle!

Dear Editor,

I personally am excited to see Andrew Romanoff announce his bid for the U.S. Senate.

Facts prove Rep. Lundberg’s contentions false — there is a connection between warming and MPB

Dear Editor,

Please beware there are untruths being spoken by uninformed State Rep. Kevin Lundberg in his Aug. 28 guest article on your Web site. A check of factual climatological data shows Lundberg is wrong about there being no factual connection between warming and mountain pine beetle (MPB).

Voters, not governor, should fill vacancies

Dear Editor,

The 2010 statewide elections are more than a year away, but already there are signs of political unrest with the candidates who are running or may run for office on the Democratic ticket.

CUT names champs, chumps in 2009 ratings

Dear Editor,

The Colorado Union of Taxpayers (CUT), a nonpartisan group advocating for taxpayers, recently released its “2009 CUT Ratings of the Legislature.” Taxpayer Champions and Guardians, those state legislators voting most often in favor of the taxpayer, were announced.

Juxtaposed headlines reveal bias

Dear Editor,

Breathtaking the bias displayed by The Statesman in its choice of corresponding headlines on page 20 and page 21 of the July 31, 2009 edition.