Letters to the Editor

Facts prove Rep. Lundberg’s contentions false — there is a connection between warming and MPB

Dear Editor,

Please beware there are untruths being spoken by uninformed State Rep. Kevin Lundberg in his Aug. 28 guest article on your Web site. A check of factual climatological data shows Lundberg is wrong about there being no factual connection between warming and mountain pine beetle (MPB).

Voters, not governor, should fill vacancies

Dear Editor,

The 2010 statewide elections are more than a year away, but already there are signs of political unrest with the candidates who are running or may run for office on the Democratic ticket.

CUT names champs, chumps in 2009 ratings

Dear Editor,

The Colorado Union of Taxpayers (CUT), a nonpartisan group advocating for taxpayers, recently released its “2009 CUT Ratings of the Legislature.” Taxpayer Champions and Guardians, those state legislators voting most often in favor of the taxpayer, were announced.

We have no 'right' to health care

Dear Editor,

The advocates of universal government-paid health care say that medical care is a fundamental right that belongs to everyone. But is it? Our Constitution names the rights to life, liberty and property as fundamental. Yes, property is a human right. Just as we own our own bodies, we own the products of our mental and physical labor. This is why we rightly condemn slavery.

Juxtaposed headlines reveal bias

Dear Editor,

Breathtaking the bias displayed by The Statesman in its choice of corresponding headlines on page 20 and page 21 of the July 31, 2009 edition.

Stop property tax increases now

Dear Editor,

Colorado property tax revenue has soared 164 percent since TABOR passed. The 2008 cost was about $6.4 billion. That equals over $5,000 per average family of four in direct and indirect property taxes. Business taxes are passed on to customers in higher prices.

Mr. President, are you stupid or something?

Dear President Obama and Your Party Members,

As a two-week resident of LaSalle, Colorado, I was enlisted to drive Sen. Ben Nighthorse and Linda Campbell from an event at Island Grove to their hotel in Greeley.

I got unmercifully lost.

Late-license fines are just new taxes — trust me

Dear Editor,

Gov. Ritter and his crew of pirates deserve all the criticism they are getting over new fees, fines and (ahem) taxes on motor vehicles and trailers.

McInnis must be a 'lawyer-lobbyist'

Dear Editor,

I guess that Republican Party Chair Dick Wadhams was right when he uses the phrase “lawyer-lobbyist.” A “lawyer lobbyist” doesn’t know a Canadian mountain range from an American. He also doesn’t know the difference between Boulder and Colorado Springs, as corroborated by “lawyer lobbyist” Scott McInnis in his recent gubernatorial debut.

GOP loves nature, too

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank Rush Limbaugh for mentioning Republicans for Environmental Protection (REP) on his radio show June 30. To be recognized by a major leader of the conservative wing of the Republican Party on the air has raised our profile.