Letters to the Editor

Security checks can’t stop the bombs

Dear Editor,

Mission accomplished. In the eyes of jihadists, America is again afraid.

Udall, Bennet do us proud

Dear Editor,

We are truly entering a historic time for our country. For over 60 years, we have discussed health care reform with little to show for the effort... until now.

Effects of current economic problems go well beyond cash-flow issues

Dear Editor,

If we now try to define the root of the current economic problems, we need to go back to its genius. The nub of the problem happened when Americans took a cocktail of debt with a chaser of pathological optimism, and many got drunk on both. Awash in credit offers they bought homes, cars, and lots of other stuff they couldn’t afford or need, and hoped for a best-case scenario, in which their home values and rising salaries would take care of it. We could never sustain a strong economy on over 70 percent consumer spending!

Mad old Wadhams at it again

Dear Editor,

What’s up, Wadhams?

Wren leaves the Dem nest, becomes unaffiliated

Dear Editor,

“Sooner or later, there comes a point in a man’s life when he’s gotta face some facts, and one fact I gotta face is that whatever it is that women like, I ain’t got it.” — “Marty” by Paddy Chayefsky

For me, women and political parties: Over the last four decades, I’ve really tried with a couple of each, and whatever it is that they like, I ain’t got it.

It’s abortion; don’t call it 'reproductive rights'

Dear Editor,

I was interested in Gail Schoettler’s letter to the editor on Dec. 11 concerning support for Sen. Michael Bennet’s support for women’s reproductive rights being included in the current health bill.

Hawkins doesn’t deserve preferential treatment

Bruce Benson
President’s Office
University of Colorado

Dear Bruce,

As you probably know, state Sen. Peter Groff asked, and was publicly asking, CU-Boulder’s virtually all-Anglo power structure to hold up hiring a replacement for Coach Barnett, when CU hired Dan Hawkins as coach.

Health care advocates like Sen. Reid are slavery boosters

An Open Letter to Sen. Reid:

Opponents of health care reform are not supporters of slavery. You have it backwards. A statement more accurate to the truth would have been to say that proponents of health care reform are supporters of slavery.

Join Sen. Bennet in support of a woman’s right to choose

Dear Friend,

When I heard that the Senate was considering an amendment to the health care reform bill that would take away access to critical medical procedures for millions of American women — in effect undermining the reproductive rights we’ve fought so hard to get — I was truly shocked. I thought we were beyond this point.

Kudos to Bennet on being part of the "new" politics

Dear Editor,

Looks like the politics of “Yes” beats the politics of “No.”