Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Former Jeffco Supt. hired with less transparency than McMinimee

Dear Editor,

It’s typical. Some groups seem so fixated on their political agenda for education that they have lost all perspective. People certainly are entitled to their own opinions of the new Jeffco superintendent hire, Mr. Dan McMinimee. But they’re not entitled to their own facts.

LETTER: Amendment would make discipline proceedings public only if probable cause is found

Dear Editor,

Thank you for devoting space to two statewide judicial reform initiatives in the story “Let more citizens judge the judges?” in the May 30, 2014 issue.

Based on judicial discipline commission annual reports, the total percentage of all dismissals by the commission from 2003 to 2012 is actually 97 percent. The 89.5 percent figure that I used regards only those complaints that were dismissed without the commission even considering the merits.

Letter: State hiring is fully compliant with Amendment S, despite what you may have read

April 11, 2014

Dear State Employees:

You’ve heard us say before that facts matter. This week, The Denver Post published stories that misrepresent facts about state hiring. We wanted to take a few minutes today to give you information about state hiring so you can feel confident in your employer’s practices when you are talking with your friends, family and neighbors about your work.

Letter: Story on personhood shows ‘incredible biologic ignorance’

Dear Editor,

I recognize that Peter Marcus, in a story in the April 18 issue, attempted to do a comprehensive and unbiased look at personhood efforts that as he writes, “come back to haunt Republican candidates.”

That said, this comment is beyond the pale, exposing either incredible biologic ignorance or a thinly veiled attempt to mislead the reader.

“Supporters, however, say nothing in the proposed constitutional amendment would give protection to eggs, nor ban contraception.”

Letter: What about Swing voters?

Dear Editor,

I saw that the April 11 edition of The Colorado Statesman includes your one and a half page feature articles on each of two of the three candidates for U.S. Representative in the Sixth Congressional District. I also noticed that you neglected to mention what positions the Democratic and Republican candidates take on even a single public policy issue.

LETTER: Miller Hudson: Regarding your article on the Article…

Miller old buddy…
I just read your April 4 story in The Colorado Statesman about the March 27 Symposium on Article V. Great writing!

It has been many years now, but you will remember me from the years I edited and published LIFE on Capitol Hill, and we worked on various community activities together. These days I am focusing a lot of my “retirement years” time on furthering the Article V efforts around the country.

Playing it straight in Adams County

Dear Editor,

First I would like to thank the staff at The Colorado Statesman for the excellent coverage and photos at the Adams County Democratic Assembly on March 15 in Brighton. This was an extremely positive and important event that allowed all of the delegates an opportunity to listen to our outstanding candidates at the national and state level and to select candidates at the county and district levels.

Gessler needs to resign as SoS if he’s running for another office

Dear Editor,

Educate. Inform. Vote! So, here is my question? Scott Gessler is the current Colorado Secretary of the State. The Secretary of the State is in charge of the entire election process, from the start (Caucuses… Primaries) … to the General Election. The Secretary of the State is responsible for the integrity of ALL elections in Colorado. The Secretary of the State is in charge of e­-nsuring “Free & Fair” elections. If you don’t believe me, then here is Scott himself saying the exact same thing.


Boo hoo Hudak and other Democratic gems to be soon uncovered

Dear Editor,

I hope you will give an over-the-fold, front-page story investigation of the “neutral & objective” stonewalling by Governor Hickenlooper’s DORA official Barbara Kelley as you gave to the Hudak Hustle (aka Boo Hoo Hudak) in the Jan. 24 issue.