Letters to the Editor

Rep. Polis: Be careful what you pray for...

Dear Editor,

A couple weeks ago, I stood up for the public option, and was blown away by the public support.

Open Letter to President Barack Obama, Democratic National Committee Officers and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee:

As former members of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), we had the honor of serving as staff or DNC members for a collective total of 38 years between 1971 and 2010. During our service on the DNC, no sitting Democratic President of the United States ever became involved in a Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate. When I (Polly) was Vice Chair of the National Democratic Party (1981-89), I pledged prior to my election that I would not be involved in any Democratic primary race, which was the norm for national Party Officers.

Wadhams needs to be schooled on the ABC’s of counting votes

Dear Editor,

I’m used to (GOP State Chairman) Dick Wadhams stretching the truth. He’s become quite the master at the art. But his statements in your article last week (“Parties prep for caucuses,” 2/26/10) go beyond stretching and into the imaginary.

The Teller Tea Party tells it like it is

Dear Editor,

We thank you for acknowledging and covering any Tea Party events; however, your coverage does not catch the sprit of what we stand for. Since there is confusion, we will tell you what we are all about.

Let convenience stores make it more convenient to purchase craft beer

Open letter to the Colorado Craft Brewers Guild:

In our continuing attempt to understand and address craft brewer issues, I would like to make an offer.

Proposed reductions in credits and exemptions will stymie economic growth

The Honorable Bill Ritter, Jr.
Governor, State of Colorado
200 East Colfax
Denver, Colorado 80203

Senator's Race to the Top comments are over the top

Dear Editor,

According to stats presented to Sen. Rollie Heath’s Long-Term Fiscal Stability Commission by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education last summer, Colorado is “50th in its majority-minority ethnic gap in college attainment” and “50th in total revenue per student.”

DiStefano leadership offers great promise

Dear Editor,

Shakespeare reminded us in Julius Caesar of the importance of praising effective leadership with Marc Antony’s famous line “I have come not to bury Caesar but to praise him.”

County, state Democratic Party are out of sync with progressives

Dear Jefferson County Dem Chair Knollman,

It is with great sorrow that I resign my HD 23A captaincy and role as precinct 7202330027 committeeperson.

Treasurer's candidate J.J. Ament is still making false claim

Dear Editor,

I was surprised by your recent article about the GOP state treasurer primary (“Hasan Opens Treasurer’s Race by Attacking His Foes,” Jan. 8), which relayed a quote by candidate J.J. Ament that he is “the only candidate [for state treasurer] with a background in finance.”