Letters to the Editor

Implement health care exchanges only after state opts-out of ObamaCare

Dear Senate President Pro Tempore Betty Boyd,

The discussion surrounding Senate Bill 200 (the Health Benefit Exchange) is proof positive that the enactment of ObamaCare has set the American debate about health care backward by light years.

Josh Penry’s views on unions are typical of right-wing thinking

Dear Editor,

In your March 4 issue, former Senate Minority Leader Josh Penry misinterpreted the core issue at the heart of the Wisconsin standoff. The main conflict is not about money. It is about freedom of association.

Analysts pretend moving children to private schools can have a measurable impact in 2012-2013

Dear Editor,

School voucher bills are a hardy perennial at the legislature. The last few years they’ve appeared in the guise of income tax credits. Perhaps proponents have high incomes.

Thanks to Webb for exposing legislative follies

Dear Editor,

I am enjoying the articles by Pete Webb in your newspaper. He wrote about ways the budget could be trimmed — most people just complain but have no concept of the problem of balancing the budget.

Enough from the business lobby — saving schools should be first priority

Dear Editor,

Finally, somebody said it: cutting and cutting won’t create new jobs and save our economy.

Secretary of State Gessler backs off from plans to moonlight at former law firm

Dear Friends,

I’m writing to tell you about my decision regarding my plan to earn supplemental income through my previous law firm. As recently reported in the media, my goal has been to fulfill my duties as Secretary of State, but also to meet my family obligations.

Let the sun shine through on issue of climate change

Dear Sen. Renfroe,

It’d be terrific if you’d help Rep. Tyler host “scientists whose findings reveal the sun/ocean — a.k.a. Mother Nature — makes climate change,” at a seminar at the capitol.

GOP Chair Wadhams should also have vetted cash-strapped Gessler

Dear Editor,

As a conservative Republican myself who voted for Scott Gessler, I am mystified why, if he couldn’t afford to take the position, that he ran for Colorado Secretary of State.

Vacancy committee was fair despite McConnell’s sour grapes

Dear Editor,

As a member of the Colorado 8th Senate District Vacancy Committee, I have to say that I am extremely happy with the process that was used to replace outgoing Senator Al White. The steps taken to provide transparency by Chairman Phil Vaughn and Secretary Audrey Danner were well thought out.

AG Suthers: Buescher’s appointment doesn’t sit very well with me

Attorney General Suthers,

I was astounded and overwhelmingly disappointed to learn of your appointment of Bernie Buescher as deputy attorney general overseeing state services section. This is the person twice rejected by Colorado voters for re-election as state Senator and then Secretary of State. In addition to being rejected by voters, he was hand-picked by George Soros for the Democrat SOS project — i.e. if you control elections, you determine outcomes.