Letters to the Editor

Read all about it in my soon-to-be-published book

Dear Editor,

I can’t begin to tell you how many people have asked for me to get as much of the truth out about the 2010 governor’s race as possible.

Rumor about me was proved false 3 years ago

Dear Friend,

In light of recent news stories, I wanted to let you know directly — from me to you — that these accusations are baseless and completely untrue.

Open letter to Michael Hancock: Latest actions of intimidation by your staff are inappropriate

Dear Michael:

For the second time in as many weeks, members of your campaign staff and supporters showed up at press conferences that I organized.

HB 1290 encourages responsible borrowing, ensures credit for those who need it most

Dear Editor,

A recent article about short-term lending and related legislative activity seems to get stuck in the weeds [“Payday loan bill started off like a racehorse…” Statesman, 4/22], and fails to provide clarity around the efforts of the state Senate to regulate new consumer loans.

Unlike mayoral candidate Romer, Mejia is better than ‘OK’ and ‘not Satan’

Dear Editor,

A recent column in The Statesman by a Western Slope Republican with no ties to Denver (“Not a GOP in sight? Romer’s right pick as Mayor for center and right Democrats” by Josh Penry) urged Denver Republicans to base their vote in the Denver Mayor’s race by choosing the candidate they felt “fits somewhere on the spectrum between ‘OK’ and ‘not Satan.’” This odd recommendation apparently implies that none of the candidates running for Mayor have sufficient qualifications to be considered better than “OK.”

Candidate Michael Hancock is a born leader

Dear Editor,

As the city enters the final stretch of the campaign to elect Denver’s next mayor, it is important that we do not accept mediocrity.

Civil unions vote was heart-breaking act of pandering to the far right of the Republican Party

Dear Editor,

When Democrats held the majority in the State House, our caucus worked hard to create a more fair and just state for all Coloradoans.

We wanted an abortion-neutral crime bill but Rep. Waller abandoned us

Dear Editor,

An editorial in the Colorado Springs Gazette editorial (“Abortion foes sell out the unborn,” March 11) reported that Rep. Mark Waller pulled his fetal crimes bill because “the opposition was insurmountable,” in that “Colorado Right to Life and American Right to Life opposed the bill.”

Trust, but verify — County Clerks Association, please take note

Dear Editor,

The Colorado County Clerks Association wants elections to be trusted but not publicly verified.