Letters to the Editor

Letter: Here’s to some levity about a weighty issue

Dear Editor,

Thank you to Ernest Luning for his refreshing article in The Statesman covering Gov. Chris Christie’s fly-by in Colorado throwing his “weight” behind Bob Beauprez. It is nice to read a factual story about a man whose physical appearance matches his political convictions. Good job. Glad to see there is still a sense of fun in politics.

Keep it coming, it’s going to be a long road to 2016.

Appreciating a little chuckle,

Shelia Canfield-Jones

Letter: The headline about Governor Christie’s weight was too heavy-handed

Dear Editor,

I am a great fan of being “politically incorrect.” However, the July 25 Statesman headline, “Christie throws full weight behind Beauprez” is just politically nasty journalism. You may or may not like Gov. Christie but that was just plain not right. I might expect that from a kid on a school playground.

William F. Hineser, DPM,

LETTER: Why do you publish Eric Fried's nonsense?

Dear Editor,

The letter by Eric Fried (of Fort Collins) in The Colorado Statesman issue of July 4, utterly lacks common sense support for the letter writer’s rant against the exceptionally sensible views recently expressed by Jan Heron in The Statesman.

I am a faithful reader of decades of The Statesman. Why publish such nonsense as Fried’s radically one-sided letter puzzles me.

LETTER: Lobbyist Steve Durham resigns over Home Builders’ support for Hick and special session

Dear Senate President Bill Cadman and Legislators:

On Thursday, July 3, 2014, the Legislative Committee of the Colorado Association of Home Builders voted to support Gov. John Hickenlooper’s request for a special session and his most recent proposed draft of legislation. Rather than ask you or any responsible member of the Colorado General Assembly to vote for this legislation, I have chosen, after over 15 years as the lobbyist for the CAHB, to resign my position.

LETTER: Fringe concerns are fraying

Dear Editor,

Jan Herron’s letter to the editor in the June 27 issue was so far out in right field I thought momentarily I was reading The Onion.

I agree that Colorado women are smart and issues oriented, and polls indeed show the economy and health care are the issues of top concern. But then Herron goes off the deep end by claiming women are more concerned with the manufactured “Benghazi scandal” and “Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi” than abortion and birth control.

Letter: Gubernatorial candidate Beauprez dropped liberty’s torch long ago

Dear Editor,

Candidate for Governor Bob Beauprez is out with a new commercial claiming he will defend individual liberty and constitutional rights.

Letter: #Some pro tips for three of the Republican candidates for governor

Dear Editor,

Pro tip for a certain gubernatorial candidate whose latest email compares himself to Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and David Brat: when you meet liberty Republicans at the State GOP Central Committee meetings, you might not want to say “Are you here to cause trouble?”
— #can’tmakethisstuffup

Letter: Clinton should renunciate Trans-Pacific Partnership

Dear Editor,

In Hanoi in 2012, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton promoted passage of the most far-reaching trade agreement ever, encompassing many Pacific Rim countries. Her pitch for the Trans-Pacific Partnership heralded lower trade barriers and improved labor conditions and environmental protections, echoing promises by NAFTA promoters 20 years earlier. Even as Secretary Clinton stated concern about free expression online, and pronounced that, “Democracy and prosperity go hand-in-hand,” the backroom dealings of corporate lobbyists have written the TPP to challenge everything from Net Neutrality to democratic process and state sovereignty. Wholesale powers granted to corporations would permit them to sue governments for alleged lost profits, and to overturn regulatory laws intended to protect people and the environment.

What if they threw a tea party, and no one came?

Dear Editor,

Regarding the article in the June 6 issue, “Guv campaigns amp up as ballots drop,” the last line of this article, “Tancredo also won a coveted endorsement this week, gaining the backing of the El Paso County Tea Party,” caused me to ponder: what constitutes a Tea Party? The website for the El Paso County Tea Party is defunct and the Facebook page has not been touched in two years; there are no meetings or activities that I can discern. The board members have moved on to other organizations or out of state and some are supporting other candidates in the gubernatorial race.