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CenturyLink files suit against PUC over funding mechanisms

Rural broadband could be affected
The Colorado Statesman

A deal to deregulate CenturyLink and get broadband services into unserved areas has hit a snag: the Public Utilities Commission.

CenturyLink filed a lawsuit against the PUC earlier this month, challenging the way the agency decided to allocate funds tied to two of five telecommunications reform bills passed by the General Assembly in 2014.

New higher ed funding model out of the gate

The Colorado Statesman

Next week Lt. Gov. Joe Garcia will sit down with the joint House and Senate Education Committees to explain how the General Assembly will fund higher education for the foreseeable future.

The conversation will deal with House Bill 14-1319, which changed the decade-long funding formula that some claimed lacked transparency and didn’t meet state policy goals.

Hickenlooper embarks on job creation even as state’s unemployment rate dips

The Colorado Statesman

The same day a state agency reported Colorado’s unemployment rate had dropped to its lowest level since October 2007, Gov. John Hickenlooper told a civic group that he plans to increase efforts to combat joblessness by expanding to additional populations a recently launched program intended to assist the long-term unemployed find work.

Fracking, property rights re-emerge

The Colorado Statesman

The Erie board of trustees’ 4-3 decision last week to not put a one-year hold on any new oil and gas drilling permits may very well have saved the city from some looming financial backlash.

Two bills currently floating through the ranks of the Colorado legislature propose that if a local community wants to put in place a ban or moratorium on energy development, in return it has to compensate mineral owners who would stand to lose money from that decision.

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