Jerry Kopel


Sunrise, Sunset … swiftly flow the reviews

Much ado about nothing? Or much ado about a lot?

Many licenses and regulatory laws have now been reviewed by the Department of Regulatory Agencies for consideration by the 2010 Legislature. You or your friends might be affected by the changes DORA will suggest in the reports to be released in the middle of October.

Physicians, podiatrists, accountants, electricians, insurance agents who sell or purchase specific types of insurance and medication aides all will want to know about the recommendations.

Future columns will review suggested DORA amendments that would make substantive changes. The bills to change agencies reviewed under the Sunset law all will begin in the House and provide a repeal as of July 1, 2010. However, that really starts an acceleration period for providing what would actually happen July 1, 2011, if the regulation is not continued as of that date in 2011.

The first regulations to be addressed will affect the highest number of presently licensed persons. They are:

• Colorado State Board of Medical Examiners, Title 12, Article 36;

• Colorado Podiatry Board, Title 12, Article 32;

• State Electrical Board, Title 12, Article 23;

• State Board of Accounting, under Title 12, Article 2;

• Functions of the Division of Insurance related to the regulation of property and casualty, automobile and any other entity function that do not offer health, life, property, casualty or automobile insurance by the division pursuant to Article 1 of Title 10.

The second group includes persons presently regulated and, possibly, those who will be newly regulated under the Sunrise law. They are:

• Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Title 26, Article 21;

• Office of Boxing, including state boxing commission created by Title 12, Article 10;

• Training education and functions of medical aides pursuant to Title 12, Article 38.1-110.5;

• The function of licensing of river outfitters through the Board of Parks and Recreation in accordance with Article 32 of Title 33. Repealed Oct. 1, 2010.

The third group consists of fewer individuals:

• Workers’ Compensation Classification Appeals Board created by Title 8, Article 55;

• Sex Offender Management Board created by Title 16, 11.7-103;

• Obesity treatment pilot program implemented by the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing pursuant to Title 25.5 Article 5, Part 3, 317;

• Administration of Telemedicine Pilot Program by the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing pursuant to Title 25.5. Article 5, Part 701-03.

Advisory committees:

• Forest Advisory Board, 24-33-202;

• High Technology Scholarship Program Advisory Committee, 23-17-105 (1);

• Colorado Wildlife Habitat Stamps Committee, 33-4-102.

Sunrise attempts to get regulation or immunity from regulation:

• Hair braiders;

• Solar panel systems installers;

• Naturopathic practitioners.

Promised bill:

• Rep. Joe Rice (D-Littleton) promised another attempt at a revised forfeiture law.

? ? ?

Well, it finally happened. I was tossed out of the Republican National Committee membership.

The Republican Party has me listed as a member, complete with a membership number. All last year I would receive letters asking in pleading tones for my Republican money, even though I never answered such requests. I changed political parties 60 years ago, in early 1949, although I wasn’t old enough yet to vote. The age requirement then was 21.

At the University of Colorado in Boulder, in 1948, I joined the Young Republicans, working my way up the ladder to assist the chairman, (and future Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice) Luis Rovira, then a law student. We put out literature in the Boulder area. I remember Louisville. We were tossed out of business premises at many places. As a Rovira protégé, I was invited to a Boulder party to welcome Harold Stassen, then running for the Republican nomination against Tom Dewey. I wore two Dewey buttons on my jacket, which made Stassen smile.

The recent letter in August from the RCN states under “member status” the word “Lapsed.”

“Please,” states the letter, “don’t let your membership in the Republican National Committee expire. We need you to renew your commitment to help us STOP Barack Obama’s radical liberal agenda.”

I wonder how the RNC found me after so many decades as a nonmember. I should definitely be “lapsed,” although I do write about all political candidates based on credibility, and I write about bills based on the potential result of their passage.

Perhaps someone can question the RNC as to how I made the membership list. Perhaps one of my Republican friends will ask the question.

Jerry Kopel served 22 years in the Colorado House. While serving all constituents, he was always registered, and still is, as a Democrat.