Submissions & Editorial Guidelines


The Colorado Statesman is an award-winning independent journal dedicated to the fair and objective presentation of significant political news, commentary and opinion.

Contributions from readers are welcome. All letters to the editor must be signed, and we reserve the right to abridge or edit contributions for space. We attempt to verify all matters of fact but hold contributors liable for the content, accuracy and fairness of their contributions.

Editorial Guidelines

Editorial contributions from our readers are an important aspect of our publication and we appreciate your interest in submitting an article. Please feel free to use your imagination, be clever, respond to an article in our newspaper, or launch an idea of your own! The commentary pages are designed with our readers in mind.

Submissions should be sent electronically (either as a Word document or in the body of the e-mail). Please e-mail submissions to Your article will be routed to the appropriate staff member. If you are unable to e-mail your piece, fax it to us at 303.837.9015.

In order to make the submission process as simple as possible, we’ve put together some guidelines for our contributors:

  • Guest articles in The Colorado Statesman are usually between 650-800 words.
  • Letters to the editor should be no more than 400 words and preference is given to letters under 300 words.
  • While the content is generally left to you, we do edit for grammar and spelling and follow Associated Press style.
  • We run photos of all guest columnists. Please e-mail a photo (JPEG or TIFF) along with your article. If one is not available electronically, please mail an actual photo that we can scan.
  • Likewise, we run “tag lines” at the end of every guest article to identify the author for our readers. Please include a brief description of yourself, including your job title, political affiliation if applicable, and any other pertinent information.
  • As a general policy, we do not reprint articles that have appeared in other Colorado publications. Please let us know if you are unable to work within the confines of this arrangement.
  • Deadline is the Friday prior to the publication date.