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Drilling and fracking have destroyed value of our most significant investment — our homes


As the pace of oil and gas development increases in Colorado the controversy and impacts on our communities and public health have been well documented. However, one impact to Coloradans which not has received as much attention is how drilling and fracking has impacted Colorado’s real estate and the value of Coloradans’ most significant investment and nest egg — our homes.

Comprehensive and modernized regulatory frameworks counter concerns about fracking


The state of Colorado is like nowhere else in the world. Coloradans feel strongly about our environment, community, and economic growth. It’s personal to us. So when we hear concerns about hydraulic fracturing — a tightly regulated technology used to enhance oil and natural gas development — in our state, we understand.


January reflections on three Americans — two for the ages, one still belongs to Colorado

Contributing Columnist

January (1st) marks the 150th Anniversary of the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, by America’s greatest President, Abraham Lincoln. Make no mistake, and ignore criticism to the contrary — this one act by Lincoln (combined with winning the Civil War, of course) had more to do with the elimination of America’s Original Sin of Slavery than any other in history, including passage of the 13th Amendment.


Stars of the West Shine at Citizen of the West Dinner

Contributing Columnist

Style Matters loves attending fundraising dinners, social events with deserving honorees, and women’s luncheons where the finest jewelry and newest facelifts are on display. To misquote Shakespeare’s description of Cleopatra: “Custom cannot stale their infinite variety.” As many as I have attended, both as working media and as a guest, I still get a bit choked up when the honoree is introduced and clap as enthusiastically as any volunteer. But I must say that the Citizen of the West dinner, part of the annual National Western Stock Show, has a special quality to it that sets it apart. Maybe it’s the abundance of tall handsome ranchers, or the bolo-bedecked owners of feedlots, or the turquoise and silver belts wrapped around ironed, well fitting jeans. Whatever it is, Style Matters has contracted a bad case of “Bonanza” fever.


Aggravations — thing one and two. Elected officials, TV newscasters beware.

Contributing Columnist

It’s totally embarrassing when someone says, “I read your column, it always makes sense, what are you writing about next?” and I don’t have a new idea in mind. This has happened fairly frequently lately (I must be spending too much time at holiday parties), but I’ve developed two topics as a result of recent experiences. And without channeling the bite of Gene Amole, both are aggravating and difficult to solve. With apologies to Dr. Seuss:


Tiny cosmetics help holiday travelers in a big way

Judie Schwartz

Travel starts in earnest this time of year. If you are checking luggage, the unhappy news is that the airlines are starting to weigh suitcases for passengers who fly coach. Too much weight and bam! An extra charge. Not so fair when you figure so many travelers are shlepping gifts for family and friends.

STYLE MATTERS: Exploring Gift Shops at Denver’s Cultural Institutions

Contributing Columnist

Last issue we visited the museum stores at the Denver Art Museum and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Style Matters was even more impressed with their inventory than we had hoped to be. Looking for the unusual, the unique and the one of a kind? Denver’s gift shops have them all. Figuring we were on a roll, this week we hit the Denver Botanic Gardens and the Denver Zoo.


Attacks on UN Ambassador Susan Rice should be denounced as cowardly


As a former delegate to the United Nations, I have been especially dismayed by the personal attacks of some Republican critics against UN Ambassador Susan Rice and her comments shortly after the Sept. 11 Benghazi attack.

I saw firsthand in 2009 how Rice and her staff work with information coming through Washington in the most thorough and thoughtful way. As President Obama has strongly defended, Rice’s comments were based on intelligence that she had received and what the administration knew at the time.


The movie Lincoln is almost as satisfying as reading “Team of Rivals”

Contributing Columnist

Last week, my friend and colleague, Doug Young, wrote a brilliant review of the recently released Stephen Spielberg film, Lincoln. As follow up, I have three enthusiastic recommendations: First, go see the movie. Second, take 5-10 minutes to read the actual texts of Abraham Lincoln’s two greatest speeches, the Gettysburg Address (November 19, 1863) and his Second Inaugural Address (March 4, 1865). Third, with both the movie and Lincoln’s poetic prose fresh in your mind, read or re-read Mr. Young’s review in the November 23 edition of The Colorado Statesman.


Hidden Treasures at the Gift Shops of Denver’s Cultural Institutions

Contributing Columnist

(Sung to “Deck the Halls”)

Deck the stores with pre-wrapped presents, fa-la-la-la-la-la-la
Not much new from last year’s remnants, fa-la-la-la-la la la la la.
Hold your breath it’s more perfume, fa-la-la-la-la la la la la.
Ditch the malls for something new... fa-la-la-la-la la la la la.