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Letter to the Editor

Letter: CEI works to improve student achievement


A recent column in your publication provided a skewed portrayal of The Colorado Education Initiative, or CEI. We would like your readers to have factual information about our organization.

CEI is an independent nonprofit that works in partnership with the Colorado Department of Education, districts, schools, and other public education stakeholders to improve student outcomes in diverse communities across Colorado.

We are not an advocacy organization or a foundation. Our mission is not driven by any one local or national foundation, advocacy group, or organization.


Gaon ‘always looking out for the little guy’

The Colorado Statesman

“Governor Love is a dumb bell.”

It was a Sunday afternoon and David Gaon was listening to the Herrick Roth show, when suddenly a man named J.D. MacFarlane made this comment about Gov. John Love. Gaon immediately called MacFarlane, offered to work on his campaign for attorney general, went to Pueblo to meet with Wally Stealey and J.D.’s wife, Janet. David ended up driving all over the state with them as MacFarlane pursued his first campaign for attorney general.

Letter to the Editor

Letter: Jeffco schools recall a union power grab


As a longtime Jefferson County resident and taxpayer, I must protest the grounds of this proposed recall of three competent school board members. Let’s be totally honest about this. The real reason for the recall effort is the teacher’s association, the JCEA. Previously there was Superintendent Cindy Stevenson, the JCEA, and the rest was superfluous. Now the board has become independent and thinks for itself.

Guest Commentary

Supporting caregivers and the new American family

Guest Contributor

Hundreds of thousands of Coloradans every day perform a great labor of love: caring for parents, spouses and other loved ones so they can remain in their homes.

Sometimes these family caregivers are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week — while also holding down a full-time job — and often they can’t even take a break. They help with bathing and dressing, meal preparation, transportation and chores. Many perform complex medical tasks like wound care, giving injections and complicated medication management.

Campaign 2016

Carroll launches challenge to Coffman in 6th CD

The Colorado Statesman

Following more than a month of speculation after she began publicly weighing a run, Senate Minority Leader Morgan Carroll, D-Aurora, announced on Tuesday that she plans to challenge U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman in the competitive 6th Congressional District.


Justice Gregory Hobbs reflects on water, justice

The Colorado Statesman

“Get a tie. A real tie!”

For Coloradans who follow the stylings of Gov. John Hickenlooper, that might sound familiar. But that’s advice Justice Gregory L. Hobbs got the day he was appointed to the Colorado Supreme Court.

After almost two decades on the bench, the Supreme Court will lose its most respected expert on water law. Hobbs steps down on Aug. 31.

When Gov. Roy Romer decided to appoint Hobbs to the state’s highest court in 1996, it was the realization of a career-long goal for the attorney. But Hobbs jokes a little about the day he learned he would be Romer’s pick.

Colorado Concern's Richardson: State's economy ‘very good and getting better’

The Colorado Statesman

There’s not much about Colorado’s economy that Blair Richardson isn’t able to discuss.

As chairman of the board at Colorado Concern, Richardson leads the alliance of more than 100 of the state’s top executives, who work to advance the interests of the business community.

And he is excited about the state of Colorado’s economy.


Cable pioneer Glenn R. Jones passes

Cable pioneer Glenn R. Jones died on Tuesday. He was 85.

Jones founded Jones Intercable, which grew to be one of the 10 largest cable operators in the country, in 1967 in Georgetown after borrowing $400 against his Volkswagon. Although his company sold in 1999 to Comcast, he was active for decades in the cable, distance education, training and entertainment fields.


GOP Senate candidates emerge, others in wings?

Another Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate announced his run this week, but observers on both sides of the aisle — and from Colorado to the nation’s capital — are still left wondering when the “real” candidate is going to get into the race to challenge Democrat Michael Bennet.

News From Yesteryear

Linkhart says it’s time for domestic partners law, Buchanan embarks on petition drive for Senate

The Colorado Statesman

Twenty-five Years Ago this week in The Colorado Statesman … Neighborhood activist and Statesman columnist Doug Linkhart marked Gay Pride Month as a time to “celebrate differences among people and the freedom to live as we choose,” but he noted that progress “establishing equal treatment for homosexuals” has been hampered by those threatened by change to the status quo. Some cities, including Boulder, had recently enacted equal protection ordinances to prohibit discrimination, and Denver was working on one.