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Coffman: Let them serve

Special to The Colorado Statesman

Let me tell you the story of a constituent of mine named Humberto. His parents brought him to the United States at the age of 2, moving to Colorado when Humberto was 6. A few years ago, Humberto graduated from Aurora Central High School, the high school I attended before leaving after my junior year to enlist in the Army.

Hancock: Denver’s chief marketer

The Colorado Statesman

Making his way from a crowded Tech Center hotel ballroom, where he had just declared Denver “the most economically vibrant city in the United States today,” Mayor Michael Hancock stopped to talk with a half dozen friends and admirers, some buttonholing him for a few moments as he sped through the hallways — he’s known for staying on schedule, his days divided into strict 15-minute increments — and others pressing items in his hands. “Michael!” they cried as he rounded a corner, broad grins and high fives in abundance.

RMGO heckles Owens on guns, DeGette dodges primary opponent

The Colorado Statesman

Fifteen Years Ago this week in The Colorado Statesman … Republicans should have had a routine state assembly and convention — there were no major statewide races splitting delegates, George W. Bush had sewn up the presidential nomination, and the GOP was safely in control of the congressional delegation and Legislature — but tensions were high, and Gov. Bill Owens was the target of much contention over guns, an issue that split delegates fiercely.

Prairie dog supporters consider plan to recall Castle Rock council members

The Colorado Statesman

Prairie dog supporters outraged over Castle Rock’s decision to proceed with an outdoor mall have solicited a plan to sweep out the town council by recalling three members this year and targeting the other four for defeat in 2016.

A five-page document obtained by The Colorado Statesman lays out a detailed campaign strategy, including canvassing, phone banks, bulk mail and earned media, for replacing the seven-member council by forcing a recall this year and then backing opposition candidates in November 2016.

Colorado county commissioners exchange insights at Keystone

The Colorado Statesman

Colorado Counties, Inc., better known as CCI, the lobbying organization that works on behalf of county interests, held its annual summer workshops at the Keystone Conference Center last week. While several sessions were so technical as to frighten away all but those who already had a handle on the issues under discussion — try “Measuring Culvert Pipe Durability Based on Environmental Conditions” for example — there were also more accessible venues where economic development, marijuana enforcement, regionally shared services and workforce development received a hearing.


Buescher tapped for Keystone post

Former Colorado Secretary of State Bernie Buescher is joining the Keystone Policy Center as a senior policy affiliate, Keystone president Christine Scanlan announced this week.

Buescher, a former state representative from Mesa County, was one of former Attorney General John Suthers’ chief deputies and served as a member of Gov. John Hickenlooper’s Colorado Oil and Gas Task Force, which was facilitated by Keystone.

Kindergarteners create buzz about declining bee population

The Colorado Statesman

Patrons at Fluid Coffee House in Denver’s Uptown neighborhood were greeted on Tuesday by smiling little faces asking them to save the bees.

Kindergarteners from Downtown Denver Expeditionary School have begun a campaign to save the honeybees after spending the school year learning about insects.

Teacher Jillian Williams said the kindergarten program at the charter school has spent the year studying all kinds of insects, using reading, writing and art. Late in the year, the children examined the roles insects play in the environment, including bees and other pollinators.

Denver elects four to council in run-offs

The Colorado Statesman

Denver voters elected four newcomers to City Council in a run-off election on Tuesday, bringing to seven the number of rookies who will take office on the 13-member body next month. It’s the most turnover since 2003, when term limits kicked in and shook up the city council.

Clark presses home-court advantage in District 7 win

The Colorado Statesman

Hanson’s second floor bar, at the corner of Louisiana and Pearl, was packed elbow-to-elbow election night as small bands of seemingly feral children swept back and forth slightly below belt level. The din was deafening and the crowd upbeat following an initial vote count from Denver Clerk Debra Johnson reported Jolon Clark with a 56-44 advantage over Alex Greco. Not much actually separated these two candidates, both young men with families and only minor policy differences — an apparent, coin flip call for voters.

Veterans rally for VA hospital completion

The Colorado Statesman

Several hundred Colorado veterans rallied in front of the unfinished Veterans Administration hospital under construction on the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora last Sunday. At least half arrived on motorcycles, filling the lot alongside Children’s Hospital with rolling thunder just across the street from the troubled project.