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'Sigh of relief' in NW Colorado after feds beat deadline to keep Colowyo mine open

The Colorado Statesman

For Lori Gillam, word that the Colowyo coal mine had dodged the threat of a shutdown ended months of nail-biting.

Gillam, who owns Stockmen’s Liquor in Craig, said she was thrilled after learning last week the Interior Department’s Office of Surface Mining beat a federal court deadline Friday that will keep the mine open.

“We’re all breathing a sigh of relief,” said Gillam.

State Fair finances, future up for grabs

The Colorado Statesman

For 11 days of the year, the Colorado State Fairgrounds is filled with music, livestock, thrill rides and fried things on a stick.

But most other days, there's little fun happening at the fair site in Pueblo, the city that has served as host to the event since 1872.

And it's the off-fair time that has become a financial back-breaker for management over the last several years. Year after year, the fair loses money because fairgrounds facilities fail to attract enough events during non-fair days to keep up with costs.

Guest Commentary

Blake: Sabotaging TABOR comes down to a single subject

Guest Contributor

When it comes to sabotaging TABOR, term limits and the initiative process, the usual suspects tend to round themselves up.

The latest group, called “Building a Better Colorado,” is fronted by the otherwise estimable Dan Ritchie, who served 15 years as chancellor of the University of Denver, taking no pay and donating his $50 million ranch to the school.

The organization intends to hold “town hall meetings” throughout the state and produce a report recommending changes by year’s end.


Hudson: Free-marketeers gather in Steamboat to celebrate Founding Fathers

The Colorado Statesman

The Steamboat Institute, consciously conceived as a conservative counterbalance to the Aspen Institute’s annual conferences, met last weekend to examine the health of the conservative project. After travel, lodging and registration, the 350-plus delegates probably dropped a thousand dollars apiece for the privilege. If you harbor any doubts that Americans are well on their way to self-segregating along political, rather than racial or ethnic divides, this audience would disabuse you of the alternative theories.

Letter to the Editor

Letter: Preserving agriculture yet another reason we need NISP now


During the past three decades, agricultural land in the South Platte Basin dropped from 1.1 million acres down to 813,000, as water left farms and ranches, sold to growing cities.

And because new water-supply projects aren’t being built and cities remain dependent on buying water from agriculture, the basin could see as many as 267,000 more acres of irrigated farmground dry up by 2050.

Carroll blasts Coffman over contract signed with GOP campaign committee

The Colorado Statesman

U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman is taking heat from his expected 2016 rival over his signed agreement on a Republican Party contract that requires political and legislative strategy disclosures in exchange for campaign cash.

The Washington Post reported Thursday that Coffman was one of two dozen House Republicans who recently signed a National Republican Congressional Committee contract that allows potentially vulnerable House members to access financial support for their re-election bids.

Bennet ends suspense, sides with White House in support of Iran deal

The Colorado Statesman

U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet ended weeks of speculation Friday by coming out in favor of the Iran nuclear agreement, becoming one of the last senators to declare a position on an issue that has bedeviled congressional Democrats.

In a statement, Bennet cited his “exhaustive review of the agreement,” including “briefings from our own defense, national security and intelligence experts, international inspection and verification experts, regional experts, former Israeli military and intelligence officials, and the P5+1 ambassadors as well as Israel’s Ambassador to the United States.”

Energy Secretary Moniz celebrates climate research in Boulder

The Colorado Statesman

BOULDER — Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz toasted the work of Colorado researchers Monday in a swift one-hour roundtable on climate change with U.S. Rep. Jared Polis at the University of Colorado.

Guest Commentary

Bennett: It’s Women’s Equality Day, let’s support family caregivers

Guest Contributor

August 26th marked Women’s Equality Day, celebrating the 95th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote. Every year on Women’s Equality Day, 9to5 holds a National Day of Action to fight for family-friendly workplace practices from coast to coast. On Women's Equality Day, we honor those who have fought for progress, but we must also turn our attention to what still needs to be done to support working women and their families in Colorado and across the country.

Carson takes Springs by storm

Hundreds flock to outdoor rally in Colorado as candidate surges in Iowa polls
The Colorado Statesman

COLORADO SPRINGS — This Front Range city is not a subtle place. It’s a tent revival, a year-round festival of flags and crosses, host to residents of military bases and to long-established evangelical mega-churches and Christian institutional empires. It is home to mountain views so close and wide and colorful it’s hard to take them in fully from any one spot.

On Thursday, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson was the beneficiary of the city’s flair for the dramatic.