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AARP 2015 Colorado legislative priorities

AARP Colorado supports bill to increase senior services, among others

Colorado’s 65+ population will increase by 123 percent between 2010 and 2030, according to the Bell Policy Center, who cites its sources as the University of Denver: Financing Colorado’s Future: An Analysis of the Fiscal Sustainability of State Government, April 2011; State Demography Office, Colorado’s Aging Trends, Department of local Affairs March 2012; and Colorado Health Institute: Long-Term Services and Supports in Colorado, November 2011. Meanwhile, senior services for older Coloradans remain sorely underfunded.

On the move

Regional transportation system expected to double in size by ‘17
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Transit aficionados and elected officials recently got a sneak peek at the commuter rail cars that will serve DIA, the Gold Line across Arvada, a Westminster spur and the North Metro Rail Line through Thornton, eventually reaching 162nd Avenue and I-25. Together with the light rail extension under construction between the Nine Mile station at Parker and I-225, which will serve the University of Colorado Hospital and Anschutz campus connecting to the East rail corridor at Peoria and I-70, Denver’s regional transit system will more than double its current size during 2016 and 2017.

Chef Hashimoto brings authentic ramen to Denver

The Colorado Statesman

Ramen. Despite its growing popularity in the U.S., the Japanese noodle dish is still largely associated with those savory, sodium-packed, dried cakes of noodles popular with college students and journalists everywhere. While it’s true that pre-packaged ramen packs a pretty big caloric bang for your buck, it’s a far cry from authentic ramen. With a rising number of ramen restaurants, Denver seems to be catching on to the trend that is already wildly popular in many large metropolitan areas. One of the newest members of the scene?

Joint Budget Committee already looking at numbers

Governor submitted budget before Election Day; TABOR refunds could be considered
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Colorado law requires the Governor to issue an annual budget proposal each year on the first Monday in November. Since the six members of the Legislature’s Joint Budget Committee ultimately draft the state’s budget, it is often argued this can prove a wasted exercise. When the Governor’s party controls one or more of the legislative chambers, his or her budget proposal enjoys some chance of being considered. Otherwise, a Governor’s preferences can be and generally are ignored by the JBC.

Thankful for Regis Groff

... and his family for paying it forward

With the 2014 elections now behind us and the airwaves finally devoid of those constant blithering attack ads, we can safely breathe a sigh of relief and move on to the Thanksgiving holiday. In expressing gratitude for our many blessings, we need to realize that despite the especially rough and tumble election season that we all just witnessed, there is still a lot to be said for our form of democracy, which allows for free elections and freedom of speech.

Colorado Association of Home Builders announces new leadership, lobbying team

The Colorado Statesman

The Colorado Association of Home Builders, in its 40th year serving more than 2,000 member businesses statewide, has announced new leadership and formed a partnership with two leading government relations firms to continue its mission to provide access to safe, decent and affordable housing.

Roxane White leaves indelible mark on state government

The Colorado Statesman

A large and eclectic crowd of movers and shakers from the political, business and non-profit arenas gathered at the Executive Residence on Nov. 13 to honor — and bid adieu — to one of the most powerful figures in state government. Even though she hasn’t held an elective office, Roxane White has long been considered a firecracker of a force as Gov.

Zengo’s Taste of Cabo menu available through Dec. 31

The Colorado Statesman

You’re going to go to Zengo and you’re going to like it. That’s not an order; it’s a prediction.

New leadership for House Democrats

Hullinghorst to be Speaker; Duran is new majority leader
The Colorado Statesman

Except for the unanimous decision by the House Democratic caucus to designate Rep. Dickey Lee Hullinghorst, Democrat from Boulder, to serve as the speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives for the 70th General Assembly — and that was indeed monumental — most of the remaining leadership elections on Nov. 14 more closely resembled minor intra-party squabbles where candidates vied for office, albeit with a heightened sense of congeniality.

Senate Republicans score majority status

Quarterback Bill Cadman says his team of 18 winners is ready to go on the offensive
The Colorado Statesman

There were plenty of high fives to go around at the Senate Republicans caucus last week as members of the GOP team rejoiced in having successfully punted the political football across the goal line for an 18-17 victory on the big Nov. 4 game day. At a Tuesday morning rehash of all the action, Sen. Bill Cadman, R-Colorado Springs, was the consensus pick for MVP and tapped Senate president-designate. He will report to camp on Jan. 7 for opening day of the new legislative season.