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Webb: Congress needs to stop the political witch-hunt on Benghazi

Instead, finally focus on gun violence at home
Guest Contributor

On Thursday, Hillary Clinton spent 12 hours being grilled about the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya, when she was secretary of state with no new information revealed and the majority of Americans polled agreeing the whole “investigation” by Republicans is politically motivated.

And while this witch-hunt is costing taxpayers millions, Congress continues to ignore the 33,000 gun deaths yearly, including the mass shootings in our public schools, college campuses and theaters. Where is the committee investigating those deaths?

Wars brewing again over allowing grocery stores to sell full-strength wine and beer

The Colorado Statesman

Supporters of an effort to allow grocery store sales of full-strength beer and wine are taking another shot at persuading voters or the Colorado General Assembly to change the state’s post-Prohibition laws.

An organization called Your Choice Colorado launched the first salvo Tuesday, announcing a campaign to change the law. The next day, an organization called Keep Colorado Local, representing mom-and-pop liquor stores and craft breweries, fired back.

Dobbs: Middle East becoming more complex, less predictable

The Colorado Statesman

Greg Dobbs says the Middle East has changed a great deal since he covered the region for ABC News, and not necessarily for the better.

The now-retired Dobbs, an international correspondent for 10 of his 23 years with the network, shared his analysis of the current climate and anecdotes from his time in the field Monday with students at Johnson & Wales University in Denver.

Big-win Panasonic project figures for and against Denver’s aerotropolis

The Colorado Statesman

It’s the enormous “get” that made Denver Mayor Michael Hancock’s “aerotropolis” project seem suddenly like something that could be realized.

Coffman enlists student leaders to help promote school safety, Safe2Tell app

The Colorado Statesman

AURORA — Her tone was warm and friendly, but Attorney General Cynthia Coffman had a serious message Wednesday for student leaders at Rangeview High School: If you notice something alarming, tell somebody.

“What we’re asking you to do as leaders in the school: Be my help. Be my deputies,” said Coffman told about 60 members of student government.

Her Rangeview presentation was the first in a statewide campaign to enhance school safety by promoting Safe2Tell Colorado, a 24-hour anonymous hotline created in 2004 in response to the 1999 Columbine High School massacre.

DIA ballot measures touted as keys to economic growth

But a critic warns it's a Soviet-style dystopia in the making
The Colorado Statesman

“Measure 1A is a quintessential win-win-win for Adams County, Denver and the entire metro region,” says M.E. Smith, spokesperson for the 1A for DIA campaign.

Smith is working with a veteran public affairs firm that has taken on bruising state initiative campaigns in the past, but she seems never to have had an easier job than the one she’s had the past two months. She’s tasked with making the case for the two-county ballot measures that would amend the 1988 agreement that created Denver International Airport.

Fifteen years later, Colorado makes permanent an anti-poverty tax credit for working families

The Colorado Statesman

It’s a wonky tax program that puts hundreds and thousands of dollars into the pockets of low-income workers.

Researchers call it the best general anti-poverty program going and laud it in particular as a low-cost, high-return policy that lifts up working parents when they need it most and benefits the children of those parents over the long term.

It has been championed on the left and right in Washington, even while winning only rocky support in Colorado — and in recent years not much of any support from Republicans in the state.

Republicans celebrate Hispanic heritage, court Colorado’s crucial Latino vote

The Colorado Statesman

State Rep. Clarice Navarro, a Republican from Pueblo, celebrated National Hispanic Heritage Month with roughly 30 of her re-election campaign supporters at a happy-hour gathering at Lime in downtown Denver earlier this month, kicking off a conversation about ethnic policy and Republican outreach in swing-state Colorado, where the Latino population is now more than 21 percent.

Ballot questions abound in Colorado's Nov. 3 municipal elections

Guest Contributor

On Nov. 3, more than 80 cities and towns across Colorado will hold municipal elections. The measures on municipal ballots are as follows:


‘Clean Slate’ Jeffco school board candidates outpace recall targets in fundraising

The Colorado Statesman

The “Clean Slate” candidates in the Jefferson County school board recall campaign might be more aptly named the “Green Slate.”

That's the color of money — and the candidates who are seeking to oust the conservative school board majority from power have a lot of it, according to campaign finance reports filed this week with the Secretary of State's Office.