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Bi-partisan work on the Second Amendment

By Sen. Chris Holbert

Sen. Chris Holbert, R-Parker, is contributing a column to this week's print edition. The Colorado Statesman is publishing the column in serial form online this week.

Local policymakers call on Rep. Polis to retract support for fast-tracking Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal

The Colorado Statesman

A group of 13 elected officials from Boulder, Longmont and Fort Collins has sent a letter to U.S. Rep. Jared Polis, D-Boulder, asking him to oppose expedited Congressional approval for the contentious Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

The policymakers, worried the TPP deal would undermine local control, announced their action at a press conference organized by the consumer rights advocacy group Food & Water Watch in Boulder on Friday.

Final budget is on governor's desk

The Colorado Statesman

It’s now up to Gov. John Hickenlooper to give his final say on the 2015-16 state budget.

The $26.4 billion budget, as contained in Senate Bill 15-234, got its final approval from the Senate Friday. The vote was to accept the compromise version proposed by the Joint Budget Committee, acting as the bill’s conference committee. The budget was re-passed on a 31-2 vote, with Sens. Rollie Heath, D-Boulder and Matt Jones, D-Louisville, voting no. The House had voted on the compromise on Thursday, re-passing the bill on a 45-20 vote.


Brown, Kopel trade insults over gun measure

The war of words over gun control escalated on Friday between two conservative titans who are staking out starkly opposed stances.

“A New Birth of Freedom”

By Sen. Chris Holbert

Sen. Chris Holbert, R-Parker, is contributing a column to this week's print edition. The Colorado Statesman is publishing the column in serial form online this week.

Wayne Williams a contrast to former SOS

The Colorado Statesman

Three months after being sworn in, Secretary of State Wayne Williams has mostly stayed out of the news, and that’s the way he likes it.

CU Regents reject fossil-fuel divestment over objections of student activists

The Colorado Statesman

This was a tough week for Fossil Free CU, the University of Colorado’s pro-divestment student group. First its protest camp on Boulder’s Norlin Quad was snowed out, and then the Board of Regents voted against divesting the endowment from oil, natural gas and coal.

The board rejected calls for divestment in a 7-2 vote at Thursday’s meeting, citing state law and university policy that require the prudent and non-political investment of public funds. Minutes later, the board voted down a motion from Regent Linda Shoemaker to create a sustainable investment advisory committee.

House ‘Coup’ Fails

The Colorado Statesman

House Republicans attempted to challenge the authority of Speaker of the House Dickey Lee Hullinghorst, D-Boulder, on Wednesday morning. It was a procedural move that long-time Capitol observers said they’d never seen before.

The move came during the reading of the previous day’s House Journal. The Tuesday journal contained the report of the House State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee from its Monday marathon hearing.

Hullinghorst threatens remodel of defects bill

House could dump SB 177, offer substitute measure
The Colorado Statesman

With the major construction defects reform legislation now in the House, the heat is on the speaker of the House to put the bill into something other than the “kill committee.” And that pressure is mounting from both sides of the aisle.

But the House may turn the whole discussion on its head, by introducing its own bills on affordable housing and construction defects, possibly as soon as next week.


Ginal: Loophole endangers youth, national security

By Rep. Joann Ginal

Recently in Colorado, an underage girl from another state was brought by her legal guardian to a county office to marry a Syrian National living in Saudi Arabia.  The groom wasn’t present and they are now legally married.  Neither had any ties to the county where they acquired the marriage license or to Colorado.

In 2013 a man residing in Luxembourg obtained a proxy marriage to marry a woman residing in France. A third party, a Colorado resident, through an executed power of attorney acted as proxy for the woman at the marriage ceremony.