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RNC official charges NBC ‘hijacked’ Boulder debate

The Colorado Statesman

A member of the RNC committee in charge of the Republican presidential debates said at a Colorado GOP fundraiser in Denver on Thursday night that the CNBC debate held in Boulder the night before “was hijacked by NBC,” its corporate parent, leaving the financial news network serving “as surrogates for MSNBC,” its liberal-leaning sister network.

Graham #wins GOP undercard debate and on Internet

The low-polling Republican presidential candidate suddenly seems like a natural
The Colorado Statesman

You can’t plan these things. Just ask Jeb Bush.

Lindsey Graham could well have won the Republican presidential primary undercard debate on Wednesday with a mix of unguarded sincerity, truth bombs, clever one-liners and at least one iconic gesture.

News from Yesteryear

Buck, Bennet spar over abortion as race tightens; ‘Big Ed’ Johnson blasts ‘dictatorial’ ballot measure

The Colorado Statesman

Five Years Ago this week in The Colorado Statesman … The race for Colorado’s U.S. Senate seat between incumbent Democrat Michael Bennet and Republican challenger Ken Buck was tightening in the closing days as the rivals met for their seventh and final debate at KCNC-TV studios in Denver. The 9News/Denver Post poll had the two tied at 47 percent among likely voters, marking a comeback for Bennet, who had been down by 5 points three weeks earlier in the same poll.

Ryan elected speaker of the House as Colorado delegation votes party line

The Colorado Statesman

In its 581st vote cast, the U.S. House of Representatives today elected Wisconsin Republican Rep. and former vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan — or Paul D. Ryan, as he has asked to be called in his newest official capacity — as the 54th speaker of the House. Colorado’s seven congressional delegates did not astonish, acting in utilitarian fashion and voting straight down the party line for the obvious candidates in the race for speaker.

Ryan received the votes of 236 Republicans, 18 more than he needed to win.

Latino activists across spectrum worry about GOP primary debate

The Colorado Statesman

Latinos on the left and right in Colorado rallied in advance of the CNBC Republican presidential primary debate this week. The groups separately shared concern about the rhetoric that has marked the race so far and fears that it will ring up long-term negative social and political costs.

“It is ugly and it’s hurtful,” said Dolores Huerta, an iconic labor and civil rights leader, at a People for the American Way roundtable held in Denver on Tuesday.

Rubio shines in CNBC’s ’cage match’ Republican presidential debate

CU campus alive with protest during GOP debate
The Colorado Statesman

BOULDER — Hardly anyone inside the Coors Event Center seemed impressed by the CNBC Republican presidential primary debate on Wednesday night. Those in attendance seemed unanimous seeing the moderators as oddly angry and also uninterested in the “Your Money, Your Vote” middle-class, pocketbook theme that was supposed to guide discussion.


Questions answered on Jeffco school board recall elections

It’s a fairly normal but totally exceptional, local and national, education and ideological slugfest
The Colorado Statesman

Why is this Jefferson County school board election such a thing?

School boards positions have long been relatively high-profile local elected spots. Board members control a lot of local and state tax money. They are subject to the scrutiny of all of the voters related to anyone who has ever been a district student. Small-bore voter dissatisfactions fuel elections, as do clashes about education philosophy.


Hudson: Designed to fail: Only the members of Colorado’s Obamacare co-op cared about its survival

The Colorado Statesman

Most Coloradans continue to obtain medical insurance through health plans managed by their employers, thereby avoiding direct interaction with Connect for Health, Colorado’s Obamacare health insurance exchange. They also know next to nothing about Colorado HealthOP, the nonprofit, consumer-driven co-op created under provisions of the Affordable Care Act, which was just forced to close its doors by the state insurance commissioner. In fact there has been considerable public confusion between the exchange and the co-op.

Colorado Capitol Watch

Noonan: PARCC test results a no-show before school board elections

Colorado Capitol Watch

Heads up, teachers and citizens of Colorado! You may get the results of the state’s standardized CMAS/PARCC tests, the annual tests taken in winter and spring of last school year, as soon as early ski season of this school year.

PARCC, the standardized testing consortium to which Colorado belongs, didn’t even set its “cut scores” for grades 3-8 until Sept. 10. By that time, California, with about seven times the number of Colorado students, had already released its Smarter Balanced annual test results. Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium is the alternative to PARCC.

Guest Commentary

Roberts: The trail to the White House runs through Colorado

And the path to Colorado’s economic prosperity is built upon national public lands.
Guest Contributor

Few things elicit awe and envy like the statement “I live in Colorado.”

That’s because it’s more than a geographic declaration; it’s a pronouncement of your values, your lifestyle and your identity. Whether you were born or transplanted here, you enjoy cloudless blue-sky days and breathtaking vistas in every direction. Tell people you’re from this special section of the Rocky Mountain West, and they immediately have a sense of who you are and what you love. The word Colorado is virtually synonymous with a happy, healthy quality of life to which so many Americans aspire.