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Brown: Building a Better Colorado engaging state in discussions on challenges, solutions

Guest Contributor

You don’t have to be paying close attention to our national political conversation to know that we are increasingly dividing ourselves by sides, networks, and extremes. But if you haven’t been paying close attention, you may not be aware of a remarkable exception taking place in Colorado.

Hickenlooper has options for Garcia replacement

The Colorado Statesman

With Joe Garcia's announcement this week that he will soon be stepping down as lieutenant governor, speculation has quickly turned to who Gov. John Hickenlooper will tap to fill the post.

Will the new No. 2 simply be a placeholder to serve out the term-limited administration's final three years in office? Or will the Democrat select a replacement who could use the post as a springboard to a gubernatorial run in 2018?

“The governor is completely liberated here,” said independent political analyst Eric Sondermann. “He's term-limited. He can play whatever game he wants to play.”

Courts Columnist

Nicolais: Jury nullification movement in spotlight in Colorado

The Colorado Statesman

“God gives air to men; the law sells it to them.” — Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

Denver official calls marijuana market oversaturated

The Colorado Statesman

Denver has 1,000 marijuana licenses in 440 unique locations, according to Ashley Kilroy, executive director of marijuana policy for the city.

And she says that’s might be enough.

Kilroy told an audience of public safety officials and their supporters last week that the city is “getting to the point of being oversaturated” and also could be close to overproduction of marijuana.

Guest Commentary

Lockwood: Coffman’s EPA suit healthy for Colorado

Guest Contributor

Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman rightfully joined a multi-state suit challenging the toxic-waste dumping Environmental “Protection” Agency’s Clean Power Plan. Shortly thereafter, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper sought an opinion from the Colorado Supreme Court about her power to file suit against the wishes of our state’s top elected official.

Garcia stepping down as lieutenant governor to take higher ed post

The Colorado Statesman

Lt. Gov. Joe Garcia announced Tuesday that he will be stepping down next year to take a new job.

The Pueblo Democrat said in a statement that he plans to start work as president of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, a Boulder-based advocacy organization, before July 1.

Letter to the Editor

Letter: Criticism of GOP field by Latinos unwarranted


I found last week’s Colorado Statesman article regarding the Latino attitude toward the GOP presidential candidates very disturbing on several levels. Their anger over the fact that we have not given legal status to people who have broken into our country is unwarranted. Like it or not, the term illegal still has real meaning. If someone has broken into your house and decided they should live in it, it does not matter if they are fixing the porch. It is still illegal entry and we have no reason to tolerate that.


Hudson: Competing views of capitalism clash in liquor store and grocery aisles

The Colorado Statesman

Whenever an economic turf war breaks out at the Capitol — complete with appeals for change to state law purportedly intended to provide greater consumer convenience — the public interest is rarely at stake. Rather, the purpose is almost always to make it more convenient for one set of merchandisers to capture your discretionary dollars at the expense of others. It’s not quite picking winners and losers, but it involves a heavy finger on the competitive scales.

Supporters, opponents line up as universal health care proposal qualifies for state ballot

The Colorado Statesman

Like many progressives, Irene Aguilar once felt disheartened that President Barack Obama's signature legislation, the Affordable Care Act, didn't do more to reform the nation's broken health care system.

That was before she became a member of the Colorado Legislature.

“I was really disappointed in him until I spent one session in the General Assembly, at which point I was amazed by what he had accomplished,” Aguilar, a Denver Democrat and physician, said from the Senate well on April 12, 2013, near the end of her second year as a lawmaker.

Jeffco landslide hangs like question mark over conservative election efforts

The Colorado Statesman

Conservative campaign forces lost badly in the Jefferson County school board elections this week. They lost unaffiliated voters and they lost Republican voters — and it wasn’t for lack of trying.

“I’m a conservative and I can tell you that these school board people were not conservatives,” Jeffco voter Robert Zurbin told The Colorado Statesman on election night. He was one of a crowd of hundreds at the Denver West Sheraton celebrating the landslide recall of three conservative school board members.