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Glover wins national Young Dems post, Court of Appeals finalists named

Glover wins post with national Young Democrats

Colorado Young Democrats Chair Danielle Glover of Adams County was elected vice president of the Young Democrats of America at the organization’s biennial convention in Los Angeles last week, becoming the first national Young Dems officer from Colorado in more than 20 years. She was part of the Empower Young Democrats slate, which was swept into power by wide margins.

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Peppler: Renewable Fuel Standard remains critical to Colorado

Guest Contributor

Ten years ago this month, Congress enacted and President George W. Bush signed the Renewable Fuel Standard, which ensures part of our transportation fuel comes from homegrown sources. Today, biofuels are boosting America’s energy independence and national security, supporting American farmers and agriculture, cutting pollution, and lowering prices at the pump. This is why the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union supports a strong RFS, and so should Colorado’s congressional delegation.

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Noonan: Nature’s law of prepositions should be first law of economics

Colorado Capitol Watch

Nature’s laws trump economic principles — a rule of thumb often ignored by policy makers.

Mining provides many rueful examples. It’s a dirty business to extract minerals from Colorado’s mountains, yet the state often underestimates long-term risk for short-term gain. Sometimes the long-term risk is very long term, even geologic in length.

Lamborn ‘meet-up’ with Springs Republicans a preview of looming congressional conflicts

The Colorado Statesman

COLORADO SPRINGS — “On the Iran negotiation, I’m an absolute no on that,” U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn a crowd of about 40 gathered at a Colorado Springs Republican meet-up last Thursday.

His stand on the deal came as no surprise to the conservative group in the room.

“The verification is toothless,” Lamborn said, lamenting that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action gives Iran a 90-day window before the terms of the plan take effect. “Ninety days go by. You can hide a lot of things in 90 days,” he said.

Doug Bruce has yet another in series of days in court

The Colorado Statesman

Doug Bruce was in court again this week for his third hearing before District Court Judge Sheila Rappaport since April regarding alleged probation violations. This time the defendant was in charge, representing himself, as he attempted to slap down the legitimacy of the six charges in his original summons. It hasn’t quite moved into Jarndyce v. Jarndyce territory, but round four is now scheduled for October, and nearly 10 hours of court time have been devoted to a process that usually requires less than half an hour.

Obama official talks climate with business leaders

The Colorado Statesman

The problems of climate change won’t be solved overnight, according to an official from the Obama administration who met with members of the Colorado business community in Denver on Tuesday.

This week's political cartoon

Moby Bruce

The Colorado Statesman

This week's political cartoon by editorial cartoonist and Statesman Publisher Jared Wright, "Moby Bruce."

Bremer calls for robust foreign policy, faults majority of GOP candidates’ qualifications

The Colorado Statesman

L. Paul Bremer III has some specific ideas about the foreign policy leadership he wants to see from the next occupant of the White House. But he told a gathering of Arapahoe County Republicans on Friday that most of the current crop of GOP presidential candidates “are not qualified” to lead the world.

Bremer, the administrator of Iraq under President George W. Bush, delivered remarks at the Arapahoe County GOP Lincoln Day dinner at the Radisson Hotel in Aurora, which was also attended by the headliner’s brother El Paso County Republican stalwart Duncan Bremer and his family.

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Pregent: A principled, noble ‘no’ vote is the only way to a better deal

Guest Contributor

In light of recent developments, we would like to present those undecided and even those who have come out in favor of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with an argument for a fact-based, principled “no” vote against the nuclear deal with Iran.

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Ruscha: Undermining the Iran deal would be a dangerous move

Guest Contributor

President Barack Obama has secured a veto-proof majority in the Senate to preserve the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action nuclear deal with Iran. Unfortunately for the White House, his opponents would prefer that we not join the U.N. Security Council, the Arab States of the Persian Gulf and most of the world in endorsing a deal that keeps Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.