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Hickenlooper thwacks hornet’s nest with position on Syrian refugees

The Colorado Statesman

Gov. John Hickenlooper drew a storm of criticism in the wake of his announcement Monday that Colorado would welcome Syrians who are fleeing their war-torn country and who had been admitted to the United States through the federal government’s refugee program.

Hickenlooper, officials unveil long-awaited state water plan

The Colorado Statesman

State officials formally unveiled the long-awaited Colorado Water Plan on Thursday at a press conference held amid meetings of the Colorado Water Conservation Board and the state’s various water districts.

Flanked by interests as traditionally disparate as agriculture, environment, business, rural and urban, the Front Range and the West Slope, Gov. John Hickenlooper and CWCB Director James Ecklund officially announced the rollout of the 480-page state water plan.

JBC's Hamner will lean on committee to find solutions

The Colorado Statesman

It was a tough day to be the new chair of the Legislature’s Joint Budget Committee.

Gov. John Hickenlooper and his budget chief Henry Sobanet on Thursday rolled out for the six-member committee a well-worked-over $27 billion plan for the next year that landed with a clang.

It proposed cutting $370 million from state services based on revenue projections for the rest of the fiscal year, despite the Colorado economy’s robust performance and headlines around the country about the tax windfall Colorado is reaping from legalized marijuana.

Guest Commentary

Vervier: Raise a glass to the clean water rule

Guest Contributor

How important is it to protect clean water in Colorado?

The federal EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers are trying to do that with a new rule released in August. But now opponents are attacking the rule in the courts, and even the U.S. Senate is trying to block it.

This is bad news for our communities and our economies.

Guest Commentary

Sanderson: The president’s costly power plan is a stealth energy tax for Colorado

Guest Contributor

This week the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is coming to Denver to drum up state support for a federal effort to implement the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan. Announced by the White House with great fanfare this past summer, it is the president’s response to climate change. For Colorado, it will be a costly response.

In seeking to reduce carbon emissions from power plants, the plan defies both Congress and public opinion. Congress has repeatedly rejected caps on carbon dioxide emissions and opinion polls consistently show voters won’t pay for them.

Guest Commentary

Western Slope lawmakers: We’re all in this together when it comes to state water plan

Guest Contributors

Colorado boasts some of the most spectacular landscapes in the U.S. We are blessed with incredible and contrasting natural beauty — from red-rock canyons to majestic mountains, Front Range foothills and rolling Eastern Plains. We live in Colorado because we love being here. On this we all agree.

Guest Commentary

Ours: Unlocking access to palliative care spells better cancer outcomes

Guest Contributor

This year more than 24,000 Coloradans will hear the dreaded words, “You have cancer.” Thousands of individuals and families will cope with not only the physical symptoms of cancer, but will likely ride an emotional roller coaster as well. How is it possible to provide for and treat all of these symptoms simultaneously and successfully? One answer is palliative care.

Capitol Watch

Noonan: Neighborhood public schools stage a comeback in school elections

Colorado Capitol Watch

Colorado’s Independence Institute and the local branch of Americans for Prosperity didn’t get anything for the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on school board elections in Jeffco and Dougco. The winners in Jeffco fought off the conservative PACs with their own hundreds of thousands of dollars, including PAC money from unions.

Letter to the Editor

Letter: Lockwood should get the facts right on Clean Power Plan


This is in reference to last week’s guest commentary in The Colorado Statesman by Advancing Colorado’s executive director, Jonathan Lockwood, about Attorney General Cynthia Coffman’s lawsuit against the EPA over the Clean Power Plan. Lockwood certainly excoriated the EPA, the Clean Power Plan and Gov. John Hickenlooper in defending the attorney general’s suit. The irrelevant reference to EPA’s accident at the Gold King mine, during investigation of a century-old problem it inherited, set the tone.

Israel Public Diplomacy Forum brings experts on Israel, Middle East to Denver

The Colorado Statesman

American Jews, including those in Colorado, seeking to help Israel can play a crucial part by helping restore support for the Jewish state within the Democratic Party.

“I think one of the victims, or one of the tragedies, of the last few years has been the break-up of the bipartisan support of Israel,” Israeli academic Eytan Gilboa told a gathering earlier this month at Temple Emanuel in Denver.