Letters to the Editor

Our economy is bleeding jobs, yet McCain offers no real solutions

Dear Editor,

The economic plan Sen. John McCain unveiled this week in Denver is woefully short on solutions to the current economic crisis, representing little more than an extension of the failed Bush economic agenda. Every day, Colorado working families are dealing with tighter personal budgets, due to declining home values, mounting debt, and skyrocketing costs of everything from gas and food to health care. We need to turn around our failing economy, yet Sen. McCain is proposing more of the same policies that got us into this mess in the first place.

At a time when our economy is bleeding jobs every month, Sen. McCain is talking about more tax giveaways for the wealthy and corporations and is offering no help to those who really need it. Sen. McCain continues to advocate unfair trade deals that have led to the loss of millions of jobs and a decline in living standards in communities in Colorado and across the country. He said this week he will balance the budget on the backs of working families with a plan that’s sure to lead to deep cuts in education and working family programs like Medicare and Medicaid.

While McCain’s corporate friendly economic agenda may look good to his Washington lobbyist friends and funders, it will only serve to increase the pain felt by working families in Colorado. It’s time for Sen. McCain to put forth a plan that puts working people — not powerful corporate interests — first. Colorado’s working families want health care reform, good jobs, fair trade and an economy that works for all, not just the privileged few.

Mike Cerbo
Colorado AFL-CIO Executive Director