Letters to the Editor

It’s time for Republicans to condemn Lamborn’s tactics

Dear Editor,

I write you today to ask you to join me in condemning the tactics of Doug Lamborn in his campaign for re-election to Congress.

Many of you may remember two years ago, when Doug’s campaign employed below-the-belt tactics (labeled “sleazy” by Joel Hefley) in order to win election. I heard from many voters who regretted voting early for Doug and wished they could take their votes back.

Please don’t make the same mistake again in 2008.

Doug Lamborn has been running radio ads accusing Jeff Crank of “lying” about his opponents; he has misrepresented Jeff’s position on earmarks. Lamborn refuses to document these baseless charges.

The facts:

• Jeff is the only candidate in the race who has pledged to oppose earmarks and their corrupting influence on the political system. He has never advocated for an earmark.

• With regard to the accusation that Jeff is “lying” about his opponents, the El Paso County Republican Party has asked the Lamborn campaign to document the charge. Lamborn has not. He won’t because he can’t.

Let me be clear about my position. Drawing contrasts with your opponent in the course of a campaign is healthy. It allows the voters to make informed decisions. But the charges should stick to the facts.

Not only does Doug Lamborn deviate from the facts, but he refuses to confront the voters or his opponents and explain or document his charges. He refuses to debate. He has avoided interviews with media outlets. In short, he is hiding from the voters.

I believe the voters of the 5th Congressional District deserve better. Doug Lamborn’s tactics should not be rewarded. I urge you to join me in holding Doug Lamborn to account.

Sen. Andy McElhany
R-Colorado Springs