Letters to the Editor

Chris Romer borrows Tom Sawyer’s whitewash

Dear Editor,

Tom Sawyer and Colorado Senator Chris Romer share something. Both know how to whitewash the facts. Both know how to get someone else to work or pay for their responsibilities. Both know how to make sure they are not responsible for their actions.

This journalist sat through three hours of the most egregious political whitewash scam choreographed at the Capitol chambers since 1876. Romer commandeered the podium with sob stories, educational experts, Dick Monfort (who supports the employment of illegal aliens that created the crisis in Colorado) and even brought former military veterans pleading for the passage of Senate Bill 170.

On Friday, talk show host Peter Boyles, KHOW 630, asked Romer if he would like to have an illegal alien mother visit his house and birth a baby. Would Romer like to pay for it, medicate it and educate it?

Like Tom Sawyer, Romer danced around the answer like Emmitt Smith, who won first place in “Dancing with the Stars!”

Romer also evaded the fact that his bill furthers illegal aliens’ interests and supports their presence in the state of Colorado. Additionally, he pushed that we need an educated workforce. He neglected to say that illegals cannot work within the United States. Thus not only do taxpayers pay for illegality by educating illegality, those illegals cannot work in this country — thus educating kids from a foreign country.

What he didn’t tell a packed chamber: his bill violates federal laws. According to USC 8, 1324; 274, 275, 276, 277: “A person violates federal law if he/she aids, abets, transports,
houses, or assists in any way an illegal alien to remain within the United States no matter what their personal convictions.”

Having testified on previous bills, I can say unequivocally, Romer stacked the deck along with Senator Bob Bacon. The Democratically controlled committee would have voted the bill forward even if 100 Coloradans testified against one in favor.

The March 6 Denver Post letters to the editor published unwhitewashed sentiments:

“Suppose I were to commit, say, a robbery, and then I am caught. It would be prudent for my children to use my ill-gotten gains to further themselves without any form of retribution … I disagree with your support of the legislation and encourage placing the effort toward developing immigration reform that would remove the need for such action …What does this teach the children of the law-abiding parents?” said J.D. Thompson, of Hudson.

Terry W. Donze, of Wheat Ridge, said, “Let me get this right; the Denver Post wants me to subsidize college tuition for illegal aliens. This after they have illegally entered the country, spent years being given a free education, taken advantage of “free” health care that I paid for, driven up the crime rate, brought in illicit drugs and increased welfare payments. No thanks!”

Instead of Senators Peter Groff, Bacon, Romer and others advocating for illegal aliens, they might consider the fact that they work for legal Colorado citizens who pay for their salaries. They also serve the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of Colorado. They represent legal Colorado citizens, not criminal alien parents or their illegal alien children.

Instead of supporting criminal aliens, those legislators might consider passing bills that rid the state of 500,000 illegal aliens. How about enforcing the laws against illegals passed in 2006? How about Initiative 100 not being enforced?

Finally, the depth and width of corruption in Colorado concerning criminal aliens and their employment spreads like a cancer. Employers of illegal aliens have gotten away with breaking our laws for so long, they think it’s normal. The Mayor Hickenlooper Sanctuary Law for criminal aliens has gotten Coloradans killed while protecting illegals. Case in point, Francis Hernandez killed two women and a 3-year-old, Marten Kudlis, after police arrested Hernandez 16 times but let him off. Denver boasts of being the “drug smuggling capital” of the West. Denver remains the “people smuggling center” of the West. Over 12,000 Mexican gang members call Denver home.

Colorado citizens suffer ID theft, drunken criminal alien drivers who kill citizens and cops, document forgery, underground economy costing legal citizens their jobs and tax base. Because of 500,000 criminal aliens working and living in Colorado, 265,000 Coloradans remain unemployed.

I suggest Romer and our legislators stop aiding and abetting criminal aliens and their children by passing laws that rid this state of the lawlessness that can only grow into the same consequences of present-day California. If you won’t serve Colorado, I suggest Romer move south to Mexico and serve that country with distinction. Why? Because SB 170 serves Mexico, not Colorado.

Write Senator Chris Romer with your ideas on how he might better serve Coloradans: chris.romer.senate@
state.co.us, or call 303-866 4852.

Frosty Wooldridge