Letters to the Editor

Letter: I served in the House, now I’m back in contention

Dear Editor,

I have decided to petition on to the ballot as an independent candidate for State House District 61. My petition format is currently under review by the Secretary of State’s office, so I hope to start the petition process by the end of this week. I will need 400 signatures to access the ballot, and the petitions are due on July 2. As part of the petition process I am required to make a public announcement regarding my intent to run for the seat, so here it is!

I recently made the decision to run for House District 61 because we need experienced, nonpartisan representation at the State House. I believe our elected representatives should be focused on the needs of the people in their district vs. the wishes of the Denver political establishment. The Colorado Reapportionment Commission’s decision to divide Gunnison and Delta Counties into multiple house districts is a great example of how the needs of the people on the Western Slope were not the priority of the decision-makers in Denver. As I did for the six years I served in the State House, I will continue to provide strong leadership on the issues that are so important to those of us that live in the mountain communities — water, oil and gas development, agriculture, and tourism and recreation.

The first and most critical step is to obtain an adequate number of petition signatures to get on the ballot in November. In order to sign the petition you must be a registered voter in House District 61. However, you don’t have to live in the district to solicit signatures. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone would like to help me collect signatures or sign the petition. My email address is Kathleen@kathleencurry.org or you can call me at 970-209-5537. I would love to hear from you!

Thank you and I look forward to representing House District 61 again at the State House.

Kathleen Curry