Q&A with Democratic candidate Ethan Feldman

The Colorado Statesman

Ethan Feldman is the Democratic candidate for District Attorney in the 18th Judicial District. He has experience serving as chief deputy district attorney. He has also spent twelve years as a trial lawyer and over 20 years as an Arapahoe County judge.

Q: Why are you running for DA?

A: I’m running because I stepped down from the bench after 20 years in order to affect some positive change. I want to change the culture, provide better training for deputies and better prosecution.

Q: How would you gauge your support in the district as the only Democrat in the race?

A: It’s pretty early in the campaign since there are still four Republicans in the race. A lot of it will ultimately depend on who the Republican candidate is.

Q: You have spoken about the high turnover rate of prosecutors in the 18th Judicial District. Where did you find that information, and why do you think so many have resigned from their positions?

A: The statistics are hard to come by. I’ve been a judge for 20 years and I saw the exodus of numerous attorneys, very good attorneys who left the office. Overall, I would say that the atmosphere in the DA’s office has propelled a good portion of them to leave.

Q: You’ve said you wouldn’t “play politics” as district attorney, could you elaborate on what you mean by that?

A: I think that the leadership has had an eye over the shoulder with political considerations. Certainly, one example would be that Ms. Chambers supported Jay Ledbetter for county coroner over a nationally renowned incumbent. I have trouble understanding anything but a political motivation for Ms. Chambers supporting him over the nationally renowned Dr. Doberson other than the fact that Dr. Doberson switched parties at some point to become a Democrat.