Letters to the Editor

Let’s hear it for those legislators who made the CUT

Dear Editor,

Colorado Union of Taxpayers (CUT) publishes an annual Ratings of the Colorado legislative session. Each year we select 25-30 bills related to taxes and smaller government, analyze them, and rate the legislators on how each voted, identifying Taxpayer Champions and Taxpayer Guardians. Champions and Guardians are those legislators who most often voted in favor of fiscal responsibility, smaller government, and upholding the spirit and letter of TABOR.

The 2011 Ratings, released August, 2011 (www.coloradotaxpayer.org to see the full document) recognizes Senators Kevin Lundberg and Scott Renfroe (90 percent), Taxpayer Champions; and Senators Bill Cadman and Kevin Grantham (86 percent), Taxpayer Guardians. On the House side, Representative Don Beezley (85 percent), Taxpayer Champion and Representative David Balmer (84 percent), Taxpayer Guardian.

Colorado taxpayers are fortunate to have these committed public servants representing them in the Legislature. I urge everyone to personally congratulate and thank CUT’s Taxpayer Champions and Guardians.

Marty Neilson
President & Ratings Chairman
Colorado Union of Taxpayers