Letters to the Editor

AG Suthers: Buescher’s appointment doesn’t sit very well with me

Attorney General Suthers,

I was astounded and overwhelmingly disappointed to learn of your appointment of Bernie Buescher as deputy attorney general overseeing state services section. This is the person twice rejected by Colorado voters for re-election as state Senator and then Secretary of State. In addition to being rejected by voters, he was hand-picked by George Soros for the Democrat SOS project — i.e. if you control elections, you determine outcomes. 

The likelihood of his being complicit in the November 2, 2010 Saguache County election debacle, along with his personal appointees at the SOS office will no doubt now be buried forever. 

Voters across the country and definitely in Colorado rejected his and the Democrat kind of leadership. Did you really miss the implications of the November 2010 election and the demands of the electorate? Why oh why would you make such an appointment? 
Marty Neilson?