Letters to the Editor

Aren’t Republicans supposed to cut taxes?

Dear Editor, 

In the Sept. 10 Colorado Statesman, on the back page there are a large number of Republican legislators and partner organizations who have come out in opposition to Referendums 60, 61 and 101. In the second paragraph it is stated, “we share that frustration with the recent fee and tax increases by Governor Ritter and the Democrats and have been working to roll them back and limit the scope of Government.”

Am I the only Republican left, or is this exactly what our party platform calls for?

Do not think for a minute that I do not support our form of government, but these legislators are saying they cannot get the job done of rolling fees back, but maybe we voters can lend a hand. What I say is this. Roll those taxes back and start over. I have read where these three issues will take us back to pre-Ritter taxation, about a 5 percent reduction to 35 percent reduction, depending on what and who you listen to. It has been stated that public education will drastically be hurt. Our education system is already in the toilet and until our students can read and write after graduation and not require remedial studies to gain entry-level freshman year college, then maybe K-12 needs to be re-worked.

Insofar as borrowing for infrastructure, I do not think this is such a big issue as long as our elected officials have the foresight and vision to look ahead and maybe just save for a project and not borrow for it. In a republic, our vote is the only chance, since the legislators either cannot or will not do this. In case no one has been paying attention, we are in a recession, and with the current Democratic powers in Washington, this does not look to get any better soon. I believe only the citizens can dig ourselves out of this mess and I also believe our local and state governments are following the path of the federal governments to expand their counties and state governments.

I have heard that Douglas Bruce is behind these issues. Has anyone ever heard of TABOR, which he was also behind? To this day a large population is still supporting this, so maybe these three issues may work also. One thing for sure is the direction we have been going is not working. 

I am also supporting Maes for Governor. I believe it is silly to have a candidate go through the process and then decide you will not support him. We need to start thinking for ourselves and not follow the first person who yells, “the sky is falling.”

Larry Crowder