What’s up at Wines Off Wynkoop

By Kimberly Dean

Many businesses have had to change how they do business in this economy, and Wines Off Wynkoop is no different. Specializing in wine, owner Jed Rulon says the bad thing is that people who were buying $20 bottles have gone down to $10, but the good news is that, “Everybody’s drinking!” Rulon also says that over the last six to eight months, it has loosened up a bit and he is seeing more of the luxury wines being bought. Very good news…

Photo by Kimberly Dean/The Colorado Statesman

Photo by Kimberly Dean/The Colorado Statesman

Wines Off Wynkoop is neatly tucked away down an alley off 16th Street, and when you walk in the door you are greeted by friendly staff and countless wines, not to mention a Colorado wine section. Just up a few steps you will find even more wine, and a brick wall holding up some black and white framed photographs taken by a local artist. (I love to see the locals supported…)

W.O.W. does free wine tastings on Fridays from 2-6 p.m., and right Rulon says the season calls for whites and rosés.

Rulon has been off the beaten path downtown with this store for about 13 years, and has seen the industry grow. Though Rulon’s is no longer the only place in the area to get a nice bottle of wine to go with your Italian dinner, his loyal customers know exactly where to find him and what to buy at the time. Stop in on your way home for a good bottle of wine or even a six-pack of beer!