Peter Marcus

El Paso County GOP allows dissident Anderson to stay on as party secretary — at least for now

Special to The Colorado Statesman

COLO. SPRINGS — An emotionally beaten Sarah Anderson emerged from a closed-door four-hour meeting of the El Paso County GOP executive committee meeting late Thursday night, her eyes red from shedding tears over a fight about her future with the county party.

“No comment,” said the 22-year-old normally outspoken secretary of the El Paso County Republican Party.

Local Ag and Mexican offiicals hope to whip up potato exports

Special to The Colorado Statesman

State and federal agricultural officials have entered into discussions with Mexico that are as energized as a game of hot potato.

Both sides are trying to figure out how to increase Colorado fresh potato exports so that deliveries are not restricted to the first 16 miles of Mexico along the U.S. border. Mexico currently allows fresh potatoes from the United States to be imported only into a 16-mile border zone. The so-called “external quarantine” aims to reduce the number of potato-related pests introduced into Mexico.