Peter Marcus

Pro-gun bills ignite charges of partisan pandering

The Colorado Statesman

Republicans have introduced a flurry of early pro-gun bills in both chambers of the Colorado legislature, leaving gun control advocates speculating that the influx of legislation during a crucial election year serves to pander to conservative voters.

Resolution repealing health care causes ill feelings

The Colorado Statesman

Republican and Democratic legislators took political punches at each other Thursday during the first house floor debate of the session over a resolution asking Congress to repeal federal health care reform.

Business leaders in sync with legislators who preach more jobs, economic development

The Colorado Statesman

Business leaders are focused on “three fundamental pillars” this legislative session. As outlined in a recent policy briefing hosted by the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce for legislative leaders and the Governor, the main issues include health care, education and transportation.

Expect healthy debate over ailing Medicaid

The Colorado Statesman

House Democrats struck first in the health care debate on Tuesday, unveiling the first of what is expected to be an onslaught of divisive bills addressing health care issues in the state.

House Republican leadership unveils its 2012 jobs agenda

The Colorado Statesman

House Republican leadership on Thursday unveiled their jobs agenda for 2012, acknowledging that though there’s nothing “flashy” about the nine legislative proposals they plan to introduce at the start of the session on Jan. 11, the bills would provide needed incentives to help businesses.

Job creation is on Guv's wish list

The Colorado Statesman

Gov. John Hickenlooper addressed business and community leaders about the seriousness of the state’s budgetary crisis at the South Metro Denver Economic Development Group’s annual breakfast on Thursday, but not before their chamber ensemble had a little fun introducing him with a parody of the famous Handel tune from The Messiah.

Dems to revisit bidder preference bill for state contracts

The Colorado Statesman

House and Senate Democrats unveiled their first piece of legislation for 2012 on Wednesday, reflecting a continued commitment to a legislative agenda focused on jobs and the economy.

New 'fracking' rule lauded by oil and gas interests, enviros

The Colorado Statesman

The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission unanimously backed a rule on Tuesday requiring the state’s oil and gas industry to fully disclose all chemicals used in the controversial drilling process known as hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking.” Hailed as a model for the nation, the ruling has won praise by environmental groups and the oil and gas industry alike. It contains provisions to protect industry trade secrets while ramping up safety requirements against potential groundwater contamination related to the oil extraction process.

Americans Elect offers presidential alternative to Colorado voters

Former third party nominees Lamm, Tancredo aren't enthused
The Colorado Statesman

The Secretary of State’s office certified Americans Elect as a new minor political party in Colorado last week, opening the door for a centrist third party challenge and alternative nominating process for president.

Americans Elect views itself not so much as a third party but as a “second way” to nominate a candidate. Officials say it will make history in June 2012 by holding the first-ever direct, online nominating convention that is independent of the nation’s two major political parties.

Supreme Court nixes plans for reapportionment

Commission must go back to the drawing board
The Colorado Statesman

The Colorado Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected proposals for redrawing state legislative boundaries that focused on competitive districts, sending the maps back to the Reapportionment Commission for further work after ruling that the House and Senate districts are not “sufficiently attentive to county boundaries.”