Marianne Goodland

Girls with Goals introduce kids to life at the Capitol

The Colorado Statesman

Maybe there’s a future senator in the mix?

Thirty-five fifth-grade girls spent last Friday at the state Capitol, learning some of the ropes of being a state senator, writing bills, and observing second reading debates on bills about security scanners and license plates.

McNulty lauds bipartisanship

...but other legislative leaders differ at midpoint
The Colorado Statesman

Last December, the leadership of the House and Senate pledged bipartisan cooperation for the 2011 session. With the session now halfway over, it’s clear that some legislators are learning to work across the aisle, but not all.

Amy Stephens: The Majority Leader on the business of running the House

The Colorado Statesman

House Majority Leader Amy Stephens, R-Monument, talked to The Colorado Statesman on March 1 about learning to run the floor and the House; her relationship with the Speaker of the House, Frank McNulty, R-Highlands Ranch; her treatment by the press, the women she admires in the Legislature, and how her job is helping her through one of a mother’s most important transitions. Our recent conversation was part of a series on women legislators for National History Month.

Lots of different ideas on redistricting in CD 5

The Colorado Statesman

Residents of the 5th Congressional District want to keep the district’s five military installations within their boundaries, and many favor shedding some of the district’s western counties so long as they can make El Paso County whole within its boundaries.

Redistricting causes commotion at Capitol

The Colorado Statesman

House Republicans on Friday introduced a bill on judicial instructions for congressional redistricting that is causing a stir at the capitol and raising concerns that it could impact the work of the bipartisan committee on redistricting.

Initiative proposes tax hikes

The Colorado Statesman

Democratic legislators this week unveiled separate tax proposals intended to find a way out of the $375 million budget cut Gov. John Hickenlooper proposes for K-12 education.

DU study: State budget woes never-ending

The Colorado Statesman

A legislative-commissioned study released last week by the University of Denver shows the state faces an enormous structural imbalance, and that even a recovery from the recession won’t be enough to resolve the state’s budget problems.

Steadman and Ferrandino: Bring back tax amnesty

The Colorado Statesman

Two Colorado lawmakers Wednesday said bringing back a 2003 tax amnesty idea, while not original, is creative and could bring in $15 million for K-12 education.

First redistricting meeting focuses on Longmont

The Colorado Statesman

LOVELAND — The Joint Select Committee on Redistricting hit the road Saturday for its first two public meetings on how it should draw the maps that will set new boundaries for the state’s congressional districts.

Denver redistricting hearing draws sparse crowd

DeGette makes pitch to keep Denver intact
The Colorado Statesman

The only redistricting hearing scheduled for the 1st Congressional District, which needs to pick up more than 56,000 people to get it to parity, drew just a smattering of public attention this week.