Jody Strogoff


Recall elections, mental health and Gessler’s announcement for Guv

The Colorado Statesman

When the dust finally settles after Tuesday’s recall elections in Colorado Springs and Pueblo, hopefully the results will be decisive one way or the other — not only for the sake of Democratic senators John Morse and Angie Giron whose political fate is at hand, but also for the numerous other protagonists in this high intrigue political drama that has unfolded over the past few months.

J. Ivanhoe “Ivan” Rosenberg, Denver City Councilman, newspaper publisher

The Colorado Statesman

Veteran newspaper publisher and former Denver City Councilman Ivan J. Rosenberg passed away on Aug. 4 after suffering a stroke in Carbondale. His 93 years of life were full, his interests varied, and his death ended a career full of meaningful milestones.

Don Friedman, state representative, radio personality

The Colorado Statesman

Take a glimpse at the photos below and you’ll see why so many people are remembering former state representative Don Friedman for his characteristic impish ways and true to form sense of humor. But along with those traits was a well intentioned man who earned the respect of many during his 83 years of life. Don died on Aug. 11 at a hospice in Englewood after a long illness.